The Top 3 Things To Do At Our Community Pool | Brunswick Crossing


When your kids are out of school, life gets a little more hectic. That’s why Brunswick Crossing offers a staycation at our community pool.

Pack the beach towels, floaties, and the diaper bag for a day in the sun at our state-of-the-art water amenity. Here’s a list of activities your family can do while you’re there:

Train your little swimmer. If your little one is joining the neighborhood swim club, our community pool is the perfect place to get training started! If you feel comfortable teaching your child before swimming practice, here are a few tips:

  • Practice breath control by pretending to talk to a fish.
  • Ask your child to blow bubbles in the water, and then to place their ear on the water to listen for a pretend response.
  • For strong arm and leg motion (and to get comfortable in a horizontal position), ask your child to try to catch fish with their hands while swimming toward you.

If your kid is a seasoned veteran at swimming, hold a mini competition in our 6-lane competition pool at Brunswick Crossing. Channel your inner Michael Phelps if your kids can swim well, as each of you take a lane and race at the sound of “Go.” Whoever swims down and back first is the winner!

Relax. Amidst all of your attempts to occupy your kids during summertime, our community pool is a great place to kick your feet up and finally relax. Our amenity offers enough to do, and we have trained lifeguards and pool managers to watch your kids as they play.

Start by catching some rays. While there’s no harm in falling asleep under the sun, we highly recommend using sunscreen and other forms of protection like a hat and sunglasses before you catch those Z’s.

If you’d rather stay awake -- just in case your kids wander into trouble -- read poolside. There really is something about being in a lounge chair with a floppy hat, cold bottle of water, and a good book.

You can get your kids involved, too, by choosing a bedtime favorite to read during snack time or adult swim. It’ll keep them from being impatient around the lifeguards or wandering off to the locker rooms.

Play games. Marco Polo is the water game that withstands the test of time. Follow the rules for hide and seek, but the seeker must keep their eyes closed while trying to tag the other swimmers. While the seeker searches, they must shout “Marco!”

The other players respond with “Polo,” so the seeker can guess where they are. The first Polo to get tagged becomes Marco in the next round. For the best and safest game, play in shallow water, and be respectful of other pool patrons.

Another great game for the whole family is Simon Says. Choose one player to be Simon, and whenever they call out an action with the phrase “Simon says,” players do what Simon says. When Simon calls out an action without the phrase, the first player to perform the action is out. The game continues until one player is left.