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Should You Remodel Your House or Buy a New Build Home?

You’ve been living in your current home for years now, but one thing is apparent: It doesn't quite fill the bill anymore. Maybe your family has grown since you bought it or maybe those stairs are getting more difficult to climb.

How To Take Care of a Community Garden Plot

Spring is here, which means it’s planting season! Imagine the crunch of fresh lettuce in your salad or deliciously ripe tomatoes in your pasta dish. Imagine a beautiful vase of flowers sitting on your dining room table. All of this is possible thanks to the little plot you have in your community garden.

Build Your Dream Home 101: Choosing a Floor Plan

A new build house offers all the flexibility to design a space that fits your lifestyle. You get to decide what your dream home will look like at every stage, from the lot it’s built upon to the

6 Easy Tips for a Spring Cleaning Fresh Start

Spring is the time of year where we come out of hibernation to welcome warm weather, sunny skies and blooming flowers. As we take a look around the house that we’ve been bundled up in for the past few months, we begin to realize the ways we can improve the space and may even find ourselves compulsively sweeping or organizing.