5 Great Garage Organization Tips


Cleaning out the two-car garage at your home in Brunswick Crossing? Doing so with a plan in mind will save you time and a potential headache. Understanding how to organize your garage efficiently should be part of this planning process and will help you get everything in a safe and convenient location. 

Studies have shown that organization can reduce stress and help lead to improved mental health. According to Psychology Today, “clutter bombards our minds,” and reducing clutter in your garage is a smart step toward relieving stress and frustration in your life.

To get you started on transforming your garage from just a cluttered dumping zone to an organized, functional space, we’ve compiled some great garage organization tips for you to follow.

1. Set Aside Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s likely your garage won’t be fully organized in one either. Depending on how much clutter you’re dealing with, it’s wise to set aside enough time to ensure you’re able to organize your garage properly and thoroughly. It might take a full weekend to do, but you could try turning the project into a family team building activity, which perhaps will speed up the process.

2. Clear Everything Out

A good starting point for organizing your garage is to clear everything out so you’re left with a totally open space. This not only will allow you to assess the amount of overall space you have, it also will allow you to clean every nook and cranny of your garage—especially the parts that you seldom get to see or reach. Cleaning these areas of your garage can help prevent musty smells or mildew from forming. If you’re considering repainting the walls or floor of your garage, this is also the time to do so, before you move your items back in.

3. Sort Items

Before placing your belongings back into your garage, take a moment to sort your items out into categories that will help you better understand the amount of stuff you’re working with. A simple way to do this is to create three piles: keep, donate, and throw away. The items that you plan to donate or throw away won’t necessarily have to be factored into the reorganization of your garage, which should cut back on the number of items you need to find space for.

4. Take Inventory/Make Groups

Once you have determined which items you plan to keep in your garage, your sorting can go even a step further. Taking inventory of these items and putting them into groups with similar items will help you start to segment areas of your garage for different uses. Planning out the storing zones in your garage will allow you to visualize what the finished product might look like before you even get started moving items into their designated locations. Grouping like items together will help you find things easier in your garage, and labeling can go a long way, too.

5. Utilize Wall Space

From hanging shelves to installing peg boards or cabinets, maximizing your wall space and saving floor space are great ways to make your garage feel less cluttered. Use the floor space of your garage to park your car, store bikes, or keep other large items like tractors, snowblowers, and toys. Hanging your tools or storing smaller items on shelves or in cabinets opens up your garage to so many more storage options. 

The homes in our community at Brunswick Crossing all have at least a two-car garage. While these garages are already spacious, using these organizational tips will help you maximize that space and know where things are at all times. 

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