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New build home

For many, buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. When working through such a big decision, you’ll want to take extra care in researching and planning so that your new home is worth that investment.

There’s a lot to consider and it can get overwhelming at times. That’s why Brunswick Crossing has prepared a list of questions you’ll want to ask yourself when choosing the perfect new build home that fits your lifestyle.

What features do I need in my home?

New build homes come with a variety of options. From a variety of models and additional features, new build homes give you the flexibility to choose and customize your living space to suit your needs. When researching homes, do a self-assessment of what features best support your lifestyle. If you have a large family or are expecting to grow your family, then a home with more bedrooms might be more suitable. If you like to host parties and gatherings, then houses with extra entertainment space and a large kitchen would be ideal. Is this the home you’re planning to retire in? Then you might look for a home that allows for main-level living.

Who is the builder?

Once you’ve identified your needs, take a look at the different builders available in your area or community. Many builders specialize in certain home types, offer specific features and sell within a certain price range. A builder might offer a townhome, while another might offer a ranch-style home. Some builders might offer models with a basement, larger garage or sunroom, where others do not. One builder might price their homes in the $400,000 range, while others might offer homes in the $600,000 range. Brunswick Crossing works with Lennar and Richmond American Homes so that you can find a home to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Can I tour a model home?

When considering which builder and model will suit your needs, visit their model homes or homes under construction. This is a great opportunity to observe their craftsmanship and imagine yourself living there. Now that you’re walking through the home, is the floorplan suitable for your lifestyle? What appliances and materials are used? When you look beyond the neatly styled rooms, does your own furniture fit well into the space? And above all, ask plenty of questions and take your time. If you don’t have time to visit in person, see if they offer virtual tours to get a feel for the space.

How long will construction take?

If you’re on a deadline, it’s important to understand the construction timeline. For example, you may be in the process of selling your current home. In general, it can be difficult to determine how long it will take to build a new home. There are a lot of factors involved, such as home size, floor plan and even weather. There are bound to be delays. That being said, you should be able to receive a general idea of just how long it will take once you start talking to the builder. Some builders even offer quick move-in homes for those on a tight schedule.

What is my ideal lot?

Now that you’ve picked a builder, it’s time to choose the perfect lot. Take a look at the community’s lot map. What’s available and where is it in the community? Maybe you want somewhere close to the main entrance. Maybe you want a lot near certain community amenities, such as a trail, park, or shopping center. What exposure do you want? Eastern exposure benefits from morning sun while western exposure gets the afternoon sun. No matter what, we recommend you take some time to visit the community, view the lots and get a feel for possible pros and cons at all times of the day. 

What is the neighborhood like?

Visiting the community is a must when buying a new build home. Not only are you there to scope out the lots, but you’re also there to take in the neighborhood. How well maintained is the community? Are there sidewalks throughout? What other amenities are available? Are there trails, parks, playgrounds, a fitness center? What restaurants, shopping centers, stores, and schools are nearby? Take your time walking around and getting a feel for the layout. Maybe you’ll meet a neighbor or two!

Are you ready to find the perfect home that’s built to fit your lifestyle? Brunswick Crossing has a variety of models and resort-style amenities to meet your needs. Take a virtual tour to discover all the opportunities that await you.

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