7 Tips to Prepare for Moving Day

Close up of man’s hands carrying cardboard boxes with slightly blurred stacked boxes in the background

Moving day might be soon approaching and you still don’t feel as though you’re ready. You may be just as nervous as excited. After all, it’s a day with a lot of…moving parts. When you’re juggling so much at once, things can get overwhelming.

Certain challenges may arise but fear not! Setting a proper plan in place will minimize the unexpected. Every good plan starts with good research. We’re here to help by providing tips on how to prepare for moving day.

1. Make Lists

There’s going to be a lot going on and, more than likely, you’ll have last-minute items to pack and things to do. Nothing is going to keep you organized like lists. Our recommendation is to start creating lists as early as possible. Inspiration for last-minute tasks could come at any time and they can be easily forgotten. Whether it’s wiping down the kitchen counter, clearing out the fridge, or packing your toothbrush, don’t let anything fall through during the bustle of moving day.

2. Set Plans for the Kids and Pets

During the flurry of activity, kids and pets can hinder the momentum and even get injured during the process. That’s why it’s best to make other plans to keep them away from moving day. Contact friends or family members nearby. If they are willing to watch the little ones for the day, set a morning drop-off time so you can focus on getting your belongings to the new house.

3. Pack a Cooler

You’ll have a long, active day ahead. With so much to do, it’s easy to forget to eat and hydrate. However, food and water are essential for a successful moving day! We recommend packing a cooler with snacks and water. High proteins, such as trail mix and energy bars, are no-mess options for easy packing and snacking. Water is the go-to liquid, but Gatorade is another great choice. It’s high in electrolytes, which have an important role in hydration and muscle function. And, it’s always a good idea to pack a little extra water for the movers!

4. Prepare a First Night Bag

Once you’ve finally gotten all the boxes and furniture in the house, you may decide to start unpacking immediately. However, finding all the essentials for your first night in the new house can be challenging. A bag specifically filled with necessities for your first night is a convenient way to avoid digging through all the boxes. Some items you might want to pack in this bag include pajamas, toiletries, chargers, and plastic/paper dinnerware. When moving day finally comes, keep this bag with you rather than placing it in the moving truck to ensure its safe arrival to the new house.

5. Charge Up the Electronics

Whether you’re queuing up directions or calling the movers, your phone plays an integral role in moving day. The last thing you want is for it or any of your essential electronics to die at any point during the day, especially if you’re moving to a new state. Charge them up overnight to avoid any issues. You might consider buying and charging a power bank as well if you think your electronics won’t last the whole day.

6. Dress for the Occasion

It’s almost certain that you’ll probably get hot and sweaty, especially in the summer. Even in the winter, you’ll want to dress warm enough to bear the chill outside but also not get too hot while climbing stairs inside. Above all, wear something that won’t hinder your balance and mobility. You’re going to be in that outfit all day, so it should be something comfortable.

7. Take One Last Walkthrough

Everything is out of the house. Or, at least, you think it is. Making one last walk-through is always a good idea. Open any cabinets, closets, or drawers where stray items might be hiding. Getting back anything left behind might be difficult, so taking a final look may just save you from hassle.

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