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When moving into an HOA community, it can be a little unnerving, especially if it’s your first time, because each one has different regulations. To make sure you don't forget anything, here’s Brunswick Crossing's list of questions to ask your potential board before moving in:

  1. How much do homeowners association fees costs?

  2. Are fees paid yearly or monthly?

  3. What amenities and services do fees include?

  4. Do I pay fees online or by mail?

  5. How do you handle late fees?

  6. How often do you waive late fees?

  7. How often do you charge a special assessment?

  8. What does the HOA’s budget look like for the upcoming year?

  9. What are the fines per violation?

  10. Can I get a copy of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements?

  11. How are architectural review changes handled?

  12. Are board members elected or volunteered for?

  13. How many homeowners association meetings are held per year?

  14. What are typical topics of discussion at meetings?

  15. What smaller committees are offered?

  16. Does the HOA hold community events?

  17. Can you show me a map of common areas, including private and public streets?

  18. Are there adequate sidewalks and crosswalks for pedestrians?

  19. Do you enforce parking policies by towing or fining?

  20. Do you provide handicapped parking?

  21. If so, where?

  22. Are there neighborhood-specific driving rules to adhere to?

  23. Are there visible signs for parking times?

  24. What are the noise policies for common areas?

  25. Do you provide snow removal for common areas?

  26. Are there smoking policies?

  27. Which pets am I allowed to keep at home?

  28. How many pets are allowed per home?

  29. Are there noise policies in place for animals?

  30. What are the rules for cleaning up after pets?

  31. Are there bag stations available around the community?

  32. Do pets have to be leashed when outside?

  33. Where can I take pets outside?

  34. What rules are there regarding service animals?

  35. What type of home-based businesses are permitted?

  36. Can I lease out my residence?

  37. How long is a guest allowed to stay in my home before they’re considered a member of the household?

  38. How many vehicles are allowed in front of my home?

  39. What type of vehicles are allowed in my driveway and on the street?

  40. Can cars on my property have exterior or interior stickers and decals?

  41. Am I responsible for heating, cooling, plumbing, and appliance repairs and replacements, even if everything was included?

  42. Can I hire contractors to perform home maintenance?

  43. Am I responsible for indoor and outdoor pest solutions?

  44. What can I use to get rid of insects and other unwelcome outdoor critters?

  45. Can I install a garage timer?

  46. Am I allowed to convert my garage?

  47. Do you offer trash pickup and recycling?

  48. Where and for how long should I put my trash and recycling bins out?

  49. Am I responsible for shoveling snow from my driveway and sidewalk?

  50. What colors can I paint the exterior of my home, including the base, front door, and shutters?

  51. What type of plants are allowed to have in my yards?

  52. Can I install automatic lights in my yards?

  53. Is there a height restriction to plants, trees, and grass?

  54. Can I have an automated sprinkler?

  55. Can I have a backyard fence?

  56. How tall can the backyard fence be?

  57. What type of decorations, including flags and lawn statues, am I allowed to have?

  58. Can I put out a pumpkin or gourd during the fall or for Halloween?

  59. What are the policies for holidays, including lights, yard inflatables, and other exterior decorations?

  60. Can I put a wreath, battery-powered candles, or removable stickers on my front door or in street-facing windows?

  61. Am I permitted to have an above-ground or inflatable pool?

  62. Are outdoor clotheslines allowed?

  63. Are children’s personal play structures allowed in either yard?

  64. Can I build a detached structure?

  65. What kind of detached structure can I build?

  66. Can I build a deck?

  67. What are the permissible dimensions of said deck?

  68. What are policies regarding outdoor grills and firepits?

  69. Are “For Lease” or “For Sale” signs, banners, or other billboards welcome?

  70. What kind of mailbox can I have?

  71. Is my mailbox required to have a specific font for letters and numbers?

  72. What kind of home additions and upgrades are permitted and available, including handicap accessibility and energy efficiency?

  73. Can I install rooftop solar panels?

  74. Are rooftop satellite dishes permitted?

  75. Do you offer driveway refurbishment?

Remember: This list isn't meant to deter you from moving into an HOA community, as there are so many benefits, including resort-style amenities, higher property values, and more. For more information, subscribe to Brunswick Crossing’s weekly blog:

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