8 Elite Ideas for Hosting a March Madness Party

A basketball laying on a basketball court

Spring always gets us excited to cheer on our favorite college basketball teams as they enter one of the biggest sporting tournaments of the year. Whether you’re rooting for the favored team or the underdog, it’s even more fun to cheer alongside friends and family.

If you’re hosting a March Madness party, we’ve got some great suggestions to turn your home into the perfect place to watch the games, socialize and have fun. Check out these eight elite ideas:

Choose a Bracket Section

You know the drill: First Four, First Weekend, Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and Final Four. It all depends on how many games you want to play and which teams you want to see. The earlier you plan your party, the more games you’ll have to choose from, and it’s more likely your favorite team will be playing. So, choose wisely.

Find the best invites

Are you an e-invite or physical invite fan? No matter which you choose, make sure to pick a fun theme. And ask for RSVPs, if necessary.

Plan the Right Menu

No party is complete without the right menu. If you ask your guests to bring a dish, then be sure to organize their contributions so that you have options for every course. You can also encourage them to bring basketball-themed foods, such as slam dunk buffalo wings or basketball cupcakes.

Choose the Right Space

Homes at Brunswick Crossing are built to entertain. The open-concept floor plans allow for a seamless flow of guests from food, social, and entertainment spaces. And, if the weather is nice, the optional deck on many homes provides an area for guests to get fresh air. However, if your home is less ideal for entertaining, find a nearby reservable space. At Brunswick Crossing, homeowners can reserve the state-of-the-art community center. This space features a prep kitchen, lounge, game room, and TVs.

Decorate Accordingly

Give your home a basketball makeover. Put your jerseys on display, choose a team theme in each room, or draw out the bracket on a large whiteboard. Turn your front door into an epic entrance with lights, confetti, and an announcer to replicate a team entering the court! Another great option is to make your decor interactive. Set up a basketball-themed photo booth or calculate out a free throw line.

Setup the Perfect View

Everyone is gathered to watch the games, so make sure it is easy for people to see the action. This is where the bracket section comes into play. If it’s a weekend with several games occurring, multiple TVs may be necessary so your guests don’t miss any of the excitement. Also, make sure you’re able to access all the channels that stream or air the games.

Plan Fun Games

Give your guests some fun activities to do during or between games. Hold a free throw or dribbling competition. Play basketball trivia. Make predictions, such as score or free-throw attempts for an upcoming game, and see who gets closest.

Offer Prizes

Don’t forget to prepare prizes for the winners. Prizes can include a jersey from the winner’s favorite team, game tickets, or equipment. Another option is gift cards to experiences or stores such as a golf driving range, arcade, sports bar, or sporting goods store.

If you’re ready to move into a home perfect for entertaining, check out all that Brunswick Crossing has to offer. With a variety of models and resort-style amenities, your dream home awaits. Take a virtual tour today and explore the plethora of opportunities right at your doorstep.


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