8 No-Cost Ways To Occupy Kids At The Pool | Brunswick Crossing


There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned trip to the community pool with your family. After rushing around to fill the stroller and dress your kids, you’ve got the diaper bag, bulky beach towels, a tiny cooler, and a few other essentials.

Once you arrive, you whip out the pool passes, store your electronics in the locker room, and head on out. Now that there are slides, a kiddie pool, and splash bubblers, you can relax, right? Not quite – it’s time to entertain! 

To make things easier, here’s Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s list of water activities for the whole family:

Play Marco Polo. It’s the water game that withstands the test of time. Follow the rules for hide and seek, but the seeker must keep their eyes closed while trying to tag the other players. While the seeker searches, they must shout “Marco!” 

The other players respond with “Polo,” so he or she will know where they are. The first Polo to get tagged becomes Marco in the next round. Just remember to play in shallow water, and be respectful of other pool patrons.

Read poolside. There’s something about being in a lounge chair with a floppy hat, a bottle of water, and a good book. You can get your kids involved, too, by choosing a bedtime favorite to read during snack time or adult swim. It’ll keep them from being impatient around the lifeguards or wandering off to the showers.

Catch some rays. There’s no harm in falling asleep under the sun, but we highly recommend using sunscreen and other forms of protection like a hat and sunglasses before you catch those Z’s.

Be Simon. Like Marco Polo, Simon Says is another great pool game for the whole family. Choose one player to be Simon, and whenever they call out an action with the phrase “Simon says,” players do what he or she says. When he or she calls out an action without the phrase, the first player to perform the action is out. The game continues until one player is left.

Due to the nature of our pool, please avoid excessive breath holding, running, and diving commands.

Hold a mini swimming competition. Take advantage of the 6-lane competition pool at Brunswick Crossing, and channel your inner Michael Phelps. If your kids can swim well, each of you take a lane and race at the sound of “Go.” Whoever swims down and back first is the winner!

Have a tea party. Snack time doesn’t have to take away from pool playtime. Bring a few toy kitchen accessories, and have a small tea party or poolside picnic. Pour the sweet lemonade or ice-cold water into plastic teacups, and cut triangular sandwiches small enough to fit on a tiny plate. Say cheers, and raise your pinkies to summertime.

Teach your kid to swim. Practice breath control by pretending to talk to a fish. Ask your child to blow bubbles in the water then to place his ear on the water to listen for a pretend response. For strong arm and leg motion (and to get comfortable in a horizontal position), ask your child to try to catch fish with his or her hands while swimming toward you. If you don’t feel comfortable teaching your child, find a local swim team for lessons.

Help your kids make friends at the community pool by using a few of our go-to tricks, including how you can help at the pool and what you can do in the long run.