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First impressions are crucial in just about every aspect of life. It’s no less important when it comes to selling your home. More often than not, your home’s exterior is the first thing a potential buyer will see. It will set the tone for the rest of their experience as they explore the rest of the house.

Curb appeal refers to the attractiveness of a property seen from the street. Imagine a prospective buyer approaching your home for the first time and surveying the exterior from the sidewalk. Will they like what they see? If not, Brunswick Crossing has compiled a list of eight ways to add more curb appeal to your home.

1. Clean the Exterior

The elements wear away on your house’s exterior throughout the year. Flowers, leaves, storms, and more can cause dirt, pollen, dust, and other various debris to cling to the exterior surfaces of your home. When cleaning the outside of your home, we’re not just talking about the siding. We’re also talking about the windows, porch, deck, driveway, and sidewalk. A good power wash is enough to clean most of these surfaces. However, don't forget your roof and gutters, which can collect debris over the years.

2. Apply New Paint

A beautiful, crisp new layer of paint is another great way to boost curb appeal. Power washing your home is a great place to start because it will allow you to apply a more even coating. When choosing a color, pick a shade that fits the aesthetic of your home but doesn’t clash with the neighbors. Neutral colors are a safe choice to make. Bold accent colors can enhance the overall look.

3. Maintain Landscaping

Overgrown grass, weeds, and messy bushes aren't very appealing to anyone. Neat and well-maintained landscaping does more than give your property a facelift. It also adds value and invites people to use the space for outdoor activities. Here are some ways some areas to focus on when improving your landscaping:

  • Brighten your lawn fertilizer and fill in bare patches
  • Refresh the mulch in your flower beds
  • Trim overgrown trees and shrubs
  • Update your garden with low-maintenance plants
  • Add outdoor lighting to brighten walkways or decks
  • Create an inviting walkway

4. Focus on the Front Door

Remember when we recommended adding bold accent colors to the exterior of your home? Your front door is an excellent place to do just that. If your exterior is a neutral color, then it’s much easier to choose a bright color for your door. Otherwise, you’ll have to find something that compliments your siding. If you want to take it a step further, replacing your front door poses many benefits beyond just the curb appeal. It increases the value of your home and improves its energy efficiency.

It's the small details that add a unique and inviting atmosphere for visitors. Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays. A simple design can decorate your door year round without going out of season. Door knockers are a classic way for guests to announce their arrival. There are several interesting options that can create an impact.

5. Make Any Fixes

Small flaws can stand out in otherwise pristine homes. Take the time to walk around your property and keep an eye out for any small (or big) fixes. You’re looking for ripped screens, burnt-out lightbulbs, damaged shingles, broken gutters, loose deck nails, chipping fence paint, cracked asphalt, and so on.

6. Utilize Outdoor Furniture

Curb appeal creates an inviting atmosphere for your guests. Nothing welcomes them quite like cozy outdoor living spaces. Your porch is a prime location for furniture. Comfortable chairs, throw pillows, and hanging plants can help potential buyers imagine themselves enjoying a cup of coffee in the crisp morning air. 

If you have a lovely garden, then tucking a bench in the area is an excellent idea. Or, if you have more acres, a gazebo is also a beautiful visual touch to add to your property. Above everything, avoid cluttering or crowding your outdoor spaces. 

7. Upgrade Your Mailbox and House Numbers

Your mailbox may seem like a small detail, but it says a lot about your home. Upgrading your mailbox from outdated to stylish is an easy and beneficial way to boost appeal. In addition to this, think about the house number. Pay attention to how it’s displayed on your mailbox and home. With the right font and style, the house numbers can really help your home stand out in a subtle way.

8. Add Pops of Color with Flowers

A flower bed or garden is an obvious location for flowers, which can add color and vibrancy to your home. If you’re looking for more ways to add plants to your property, brighten your home’s exterior with flower pots. Flower pots on the door steps give your entrance a cheery and welcoming look. Window planter boxes are an excellent option that adds beauty viewable inside and outside the house.

No matter your budget or timeline, there are several ways you can create a stunning first impression with potential buyers. As you prepare your home for the housing market, don’t neglect the importance of curb appeal. If you’re ready to start a new chapter in a new home, check out all that Brunswick Crossing has to offer. With a variety of models and resort-style amenities, your dream home awaits. Take a virtual tour today and explore the plethora of opportunities right at your doorstep.


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