A Lovely List Of Valentine’s Day Decor For Your New Home


Fall and winter decorations? No brainers. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, though, you might be a little more preoccupied with finding a great date night than decorating your new home.

Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing is here to tell you that we have picked out the most adorable, family-friendly, and easiest crafts for you to use this February:

Incorporate a color palette. Place a pink or red candle for a subtle touch of Valentine’s Day. If you want to keep it simple, show off red rose petals in a glass bowl, or purchase these pint-sized matte Mason jars from Etsy to stuff with carnations.

Pick a theme. Go rustic with a white crate and fake flower balls, a You and Me carved log, or pillows embroidered with love notes. If you’re feeling more nautical, try your hand at this do-it-yourself white and blue mantle piece with red, heart-shaped buttons. No matter which direction you choose to decorate, consider visiting our Pinterest for more ideas.

Bake something sweet. Who said decorations can’t be edible? Instead of putting out store-bought sugar cookies or candy dishes of conversation hearts in your new home, evoke the Valentine’s Day spirit with these sinfully sweet homemade recipes:

Go with garland. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your new home for the holidays is by creating paper garland or banners. You can hang them above the fireplace, across the gourmet kitchen island, or from the top of the bedroom door in your new home.

Print the tutorial for this classic, swirly paper chain, or thread this fabric garland of pink and black. Spread hugs and kisses with this XO banner from Red Ted Art, or cut doilies for a polished banner across your daughter’s dresser.

Wreath it up. If you want to keep the Valentine’s Day decoration to a minimum, consider creating or purchasing a lovely wreath for your front door. Explode with vibrancy in this deco mesh wreath, show your affection with this gold arrowed burlap wreath, or keep it casual with this dyed clothespin wreath. Each personal touch is sure to be welcoming to friends and family alike.  

Use pictures. If your family keeps it low-key for this holiday, swap everyday pictures for your favorite snapshots of love. Whether it’s a wedding or honeymoon moment or the first time your kids met their furry friend, this statement is subtle yet so sweet. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face every time you pass the frame.

Get your kids involved. Last year, we gave you some fun crafts to keep your kids occupied on this special day. From the Love Blossom Tree to Crayon Valentine Hearts, check out How To Make The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Crafts.

Have a little extra time for baking in the morning? Try your hand at a brand-new delicious recipe. Need a new hobby? Get started on a DIY project. Even if you’re a busy, on-the-go family, consider celebrating with heartfelt pictures and a few scented candles for Valentine’s Day.