A Message from the Brunswick Crossing Home Owners Association (1/26/2016)


January 26, 2016

Snow Update

At least one lane of travel is open on all roadways with exception to Section 2A, Towpath Alley and Section 1B Moore Spring Park area, which includes the ends of Moore Spring Alley, Moore Spring Court and Appalachian Way. This morning’s efforts will continue to focus on areas in Sections 2A & 1B for opening at least one lane of travel. We anticipate having a path of travel open for everyone to get out of the community by late morning. Our priorities are to open the remaining roadways and alleys then to begin sidewalks, opening inlets, bus stops, etc.

We have received multiple emails asking why the plow trucks are not assisting with the alleys. Unfortunately, the alleys have too much snow for the plow trucks to handle and require a loader to dig them out. Additional loaders are scheduled for today to help with hauling snow to further open more lanes of travel, and we will continue to coordinate with all available resources.

The HOA and snow removal crews thank everyone for their patience while we continue the snow removal efforts. The state of Maryland continues to be in a state of emergency until the National Guard is no longer needed. Governor Hogan continues to urge Marylanders to stay indoors and off the roads, allowing emergency workers to do their jobs. Again, thank you for your continued patience.


Brunswick Crossing HOA & Management