Backyard Bash: Throw a Perfect Graduation Party at Brunswick Crossing

Graduation Celebration

As another school year ends, it's time to celebrate Brunswick Crossing's graduates in style. Use the beautiful community as your backdrop. Gathering your friends and family for this special occasion in your home’s backyard can make your event one to remember. 

From themed decorations to delicious catering options, there are many ways to make this event unforgettable. Whether you have a backyard BBQ or an “instaworthy” glamorous outdoor dinner party, make it personal. Reflect the graduate's unique personality and accomplishments. So gather your loved ones, fire up the grill, and raise a toast to your graduate's future success. 

Themed Decorations: Set the Scene

Transform your backyard into a festive celebration with personalized decorations and details. Consider starting with your school’s color scheme, Burgandy and Gold, for the Brunswick High School grads. Balloons, streamers, and banners are a quick way to add a pop of color but don't stop there. Consider incorporating personalized banners with the graduate's name and photos from significant school moments.

To add ambiance, consider stringing fairy lights or lanterns. Fun lighting details around the yard will create a magical atmosphere as the evening falls. Setting up a marquee or a large tent can also provide a central focal point and offer shade or shelter from unexpected weather. Personalized touches, like school photo centerpieces and well-wish displays for the grad, can encourage conversation and a sense of nostalgia.

DIY Photo Booth: Capture the Memories

A DIY photo booth can be fun and interactive for guests and create lasting memories. Set up a corner of the yard with a backdrop that fits the theme of your party—think school colors, a chalkboard design, or a collage of the graduate's photos. Provide a variety of props, such as graduation caps, oversized glasses, and funny signs, that guests can use to pose for pictures.

To make it even more memorable, consider setting up a photo printer or Polaroid camera so guests can take home a tangible memento of the day. You could also create a digital album or slideshow to share with everyone after the party.

Delicious Catering Options: Satisfy Every Palate

Good food is the cornerstone of any successful party. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can hire a professional catering service or do it yourself. 

For a classic backyard BBQ, consider grilling a variety of meats and vegetables, complemented by an array of salads and side dishes. Brunswick Crossing's Marketplace, featuring Weis Markets, provides a convenient one-stop destination for all your food needs. From the deli to the bakery and everything in between, Brunswick Crossing's central location shines brightly regarding party preparations.

If your party is more suited to lighter fare, consider finger foods, fresh fruit, and some fun mocktails (for the high school grads). Many downtown Frederick and local area restaurants offer carry-out catering options for a more formal outdoor dinner party. 

Interactive Games and Activities: Keep the Fun Going

Plan some interactive games and activities to keep the energy high and guests engaged. Lawn games like cornhole, giant Jenga, or badminton can be fun for all ages. For a more relaxed vibe, set up a craft station where guests can create their own trendy friendship bracelets, frames (perfect for those photobooth photos), or stepping stones. 

If your party includes many children, consider hiring a face painter or setting up a bounce house. For older guests, a trivia game about the graduate or a photo scavenger hunt around the yard can be entertaining and nostalgic.

Toasts and Speeches: Celebrate Achievements

No graduation party is complete without a few heartfelt toasts and speeches. Plan a time during the event when family and friends can gather to share their favorite memories and congratulate the graduates on their achievements. This is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the graduates' hard work and perseverance and wish them well in their future endeavors.

Living in Brunswick Crossing has provided the perfect foundation for these graduates to spread their wings. The nurturing environment created by a wonderful community—with new homes built not only by award-winning builders but also by the supportive people who live here—has hopefully played a significant role in their journey. 

A Community Celebrates

Throwing a picture-perfect graduation party at Brunswick Crossing is all about celebrating the graduate’s achievements in a personal and meaningful way. 

The decorations, food options, and interactive activities can create an unforgettable event that honors the graduate’s journey and future aspirations. Brunswick Crossing's convenience allows the host to enjoy the event as well.

We hope the sense of belonging and the close-knit community spirit have helped shape your graduates into the remarkable individuals they are today. As they prepare to leave the nest, the community of Brunswick Crossing stands proud, ready to celebrate their achievements and cheer them on as they embark on their next adventure.

So, set the scene in your beautiful Brunswick Crossing backyard and prepare to make memories that will last a lifetime at Brunswick Crossing. Cheers to the graduating class of 2024 and their bright futures ahead! If you're looking to join the Brunswick Crossing community, take a virtual tour of the great homes now available. 

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