Here Are The Best Benefits Of Having A Dog Park In Your Community


We’ve noticed more and more four-legged neighbors in our community, so we decided to create a brand-new dog park for small and large pups.

This new amenity is sure to be the bark of the town because more communities than ever are focused on creating pet-friendly atmospheres. Here’s why:

  1. It brings the community closer. A 2014 study published in Leisure Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Journal called On the Fence: Dog Parks In The (Un)Leashing Of Community And Social Capital likened pets to avatars in interactive online games. The dogs help their owners navigate familiar conversations, participate in outdoor group activities, and meet new people.

  2. It builds a dog-friendly network. For new homebuyers, it can be nerve-racking to ask where the best groomer or vet is on a Facebook group or to their next-door neighbor. Puppy parks allow those with a common interest in maintaining their pooch’s health (also known as pet parents) to discuss the best options for man’s best friend, including pet stores, organic food, and dog sitters, without interrupting uninterested folks.

    As John Etter from Parks Planning & Public Works Maintenance in Eugene, Oregon, said, “Off-leash parks are community centers for people just as much as for canines."

  3. Puppy parks influence outdoor recreation. Did you know that Brunswick Crossing offers more than 26 miles of paved trails and walkways for avid runners, bikers, and hikers? We also offer playgrounds and tot lots for active little ones as well as a 6-lane competition pool and locker rooms for water workout junkies. With so much to do outside, our incoming dog parks are the cherry on top of a cool puppuccino.

  4. It gives dogs a bit of freedom. Leash laws in cities are becoming increasingly more strict due to the potential for property damage and attacks, so dog parks give puppies the opportunity to roam and roll around without any tugging. Puppy parks also keep four-legged friends safe from cars and busy sidewalks while allowing them to get adequate off-leash exercise and social activity.

  5. A dog park reduces troublesome behavior from canines. Without physical and mental stimulation, dogs can develop nuisance behavior like excessive barking, constant rough play, restlessness, anxiety, leash pulling, and destructive habits (eating shoes, pulling the couch apart, or knocking food off counters and the table).

  6. Homeowners are happier and healthier. Offering a puppy park to our list of amenities will hopefully convince a few neighbors to take home furry friends from the shelter. If you need a few more reasons, check out what Amy Morin, a psychotherapist, psychology instructor, and keynote speaker, said to LifeHack:

  • You’ll exercise more often with daily dog walks -- or visits to the puppy park.

  • Dogs help you feel less stressed and improve your mental health by fighting depression and anxiety.

  • Your social life improves as you build a community of dog owners.

  • Your dog can detect cancerous spots on your body before you can.

  • Your kids are less likely to develop allergies.

  • Dogs lower your heart rate.

  • Dog owners tend to have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels compared to non-dog owners, which means you’re more immune to general sickness.

  • Dogs offer a home security system.