Living in an HOA Community


Living in an HOA community comes with a lot of benefits. Some include a community pool, clubhouse amenities, safe areas for children and a built-in social calendar amongst other cool additions. Even your home and wallet benefit from being a part of an HOA community, and unsurprisingly, a lot of these advantages are directly because of the community’s HOA board.

Homeowners who work or volunteer for the HOA board create and enforce policies and regulations for the betterment of the community as a whole. With such a big responsibility on their shoulders, it’s important for all community members to uphold and respect these laws. To understand why it’s important to follow the HOA rules, here’s Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s breakdown:

It helps the community run more smoothly. When homeowners follow the rules and regulations set in place, there’s an undeniable, peaceful harmony within the neighborhood. In fact, in a recent national survey, 83 percent of residents indicated having a positive relationship with their closest neighbors. While HOA board activity is not solely responsible for this high number, it suggests that HOA nationwide have done a solid job creating and maintaing fair and neighborly communities.

You've chosen to live to an HOA community. When people buy a house within an HOA community, they’re automatically subject to the HOA guidelines. This is a good thing because HOA's tend to have reasonable regulations, such as following a curfew, enforcing street parking and adapting to weather-appropriate policies. These rules are put in place to keep everyone safe and happy. However, if homeowners don’t agree with a rule, HOA policies allow them to contest HOA rules at meetings, so no one’s without a voice when it comes to community law-making.

HOA boards have your best interest in mind. HOA board members do a lot for their communities, and remember: They live in the neighborhood, too, so they also have to abide by the rules. To keep your community a great place to live, they listen to homeowners’ suggestions and hold free elections for new board members. They also help maintain the quality of the community by preventing your neighbor from painting their home neon green. They have to do the hard stuff, too, like taking care of noise complaints, and helping you park when your neighbor’s boat is in the way. The point is that the HOA is there for the homeowner's benefit, and to give each community member a voice in electing HOA board members and expressing concern about neighborhood issues that are important to them.

Your HOA fee goes a long way. When homeowners buy a house within an HOA community, they’re required to pay monthly HOA fees. But don’t let the word “fees” scare you though. Most of this budget (which is different for each community) goes toward recreational facilities, snow removal, street clean up and other worthwhile community investments. 

With a seamless partnership between the HOA board and covenant-abiding homeowners, the community will continue to flourish, and, ultimately, the entire community will benefit. With a well-supported HOA, homeowners get dependable services, well maintained neighborhoods and great, well-kept amenities for their families to enjoy.

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