Best Gadgets for Your Home Office

Home office

The pandemic marked a paradigm shift for many companies as remote work proved to be a viable alternative to the traditional model of commuting every workday. Even if your job requires you to be mostly in person, chances are that a significant amount of your work still takes place from your home office. That’s why we came up with our picks for the best gadgets to optimize your workflow, upgrade your office setup and stay on top of your game without having to leave the comfort of your house.

Standing Desks

Sitting has recently been called the new smoking. Not only is staying in a chair all day bad for your health, it can be outright uncomfortable to remain in the same position for an entire working day. The best remedy to this is to use a quality standing desk. Standing behind a desk designed for sitting can be just as hard on the body as hunching over in a seat, so we recommend investing in a purpose-built model with adjustable support surfaces that reach the right levels at your height. For the ergonomically savvy, opt for ones that allow quick adjustments to become sitting desks when needed, because standing all day isn’t comfortable either — it’s better to offset the damage of sitting by periodically alternating with standing up.

External Monitor

Innovations in portable technology mean that you can have plenty of computing power packed into a small package, be that a slim laptop or an ultra-compact tablet. This is great news for when you’re on the go. But at home, the small size of a laptop screen is less useful and can even become tiring on the eyes if it requires you to stay close to the device to see everything clearly. This is where the power of having a dedicated monitor for your home office comes in.

A variety of common plug-and-play systems including HDMI and Thunderbolt as well as space-saving wireless options allow you to seamlessly connect your device to a second display to up your screen’s visual real estate. No need to buy a new computer, as you can just use your existing laptop like a desktop when you’re at home. Be sure to shop for monitors sporting the same or higher resolution as your built-in display. Even if you prefer your current screen size, many devices support extending the user interface across multiple monitors, making full-screen multitasking a breeze if you’re especially busy.

Lighting Setup

One great advantage of working primarily from a home office is that you can decorate to your heart’s content without drawing the ire of higher-ups. Anything to boost morale during these challenging times is encouraged, so we think that adding a little glow to your workspace can make a huge difference in staying motivated (and aesthetically pleased). Plus, who doesn’t love compliments on the visual appeal of your background when on a video call?

There are many ways to add lighting; some are USB-driven and designed to work on your computer. Others outline surfaces on desks and wall corners to accentuate their lines. Beyond purely visual upgrades, some lamps or lighting boxes are created for light therapy, helping increase red light and vitamin D exposure to help with seasonal depression.

Ultimately, the options are endless when it comes to how you make your office space shine. With the availability of colored lighting systems, find the colors that are the most calming to you as you work, or even ones that can be changed with a remote so you can easily set a festive mood whenever you feel like it.

Wireless Earbuds

Video conferencing has become central to remote work, and will likely replace unnecessary in-person meetings due to ease of access for participants regardless of geographic location. That’s why being prepared with the right audio setup is crucial to making the most of your time while virtually connecting with colleagues.

Instead of using your device’s default speaker and microphone, which may provide subpar quality and cause echoes, upgrade to a set of wireless headphones or earbuds. You can receive better audio quality from wherever you may be during a video call, even if you have to stand up to grab something, as wires won’t snag you in the event you need to move around. Most sets have microphones built in, which means you won’t have to repeat yourself as much as if you relied on the computer’s stationary audio input.

For power users, high-end models offer proprietary auto-pairing through Bluetooth for a truly effortless experience. The right pair will fit snugly with your ear canal shape and match your own personal style; many unique colors are available beyond just white, so these can be your functional and stylish sound source outside of the home office as well.

Floating Shelf

Maintaining an organized workspace can be a challenge, especially in a home office, where both your work and personal responsibilities can stack up in the form of messy piles of paper and supplies. Fight back and reclaim a clean space with a versatile, wall-mounted floating shelf. With basic installation, you can free up physical and mental space by keeping tools and papers within an arm’s reach while not adding clutter to your desktop.

Office-oriented systems provide integrated organization with distinct physical separators to give a place for everything that might otherwise be strewn haphazardly. Many feature sleek modern designs that look fantastic and add a professional look to your space. Open or unused spaces on shelves can be repurposed to display items of personal pride, or maybe just a trendy succulent. Either way, we think floating shelves are the sign of an elite home office user.

If you are working fully or partly from home, having a dedicated space for getting things done is integral to succeeding. The home office is a great place to start, allowing for limitless functional and aesthetic upgrades. Why settle for just throwing down a laptop on a table and calling it a day? Let yours be a place of inspiration, comfort, and creative productivity.

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