Best Tips and Products to Help Organize Your Home

Best Tips and Products to Help Organize Your Home

We gather a lot of stuff in our lifetime. The counters, drawers, closets, and corners of our homes tend to collect all of them, making those spaces feel cluttered. Although the stack of mail on the table or pile of shoes in the entryway has been bothering you for weeks, it can be hard to find the time to clean up.

Although the thought of organizing the entire house can be a bit daunting, Brunswick Crossing has gathered some organization tips and product suggestions to make the process a little easier.


Be Picky

Take a critical look at all the stuff you have and don’t hold onto things you simply don’t use anymore. We know it can be difficult to let go of that prom dress, but if you don’t love it anymore and you aren’t wearing it, then it’s time to get rid of it. The same goes for everything else in your house, whether it's a book you don’t read or a mug you don’t drink from. To help clear out the clutter, consider keeping a donation bin around to get unwanted items out of the way and somewhere safe to be given away.

One Thing In, One Thing Out

Purchasing new clothes can be exciting, but it can also crowd your closet very quickly. It’s easy to simply keep absorbing new clothes each time you go shopping, but it comes at a toll. Instead, apply the “one thing in, one thing out” rule. Each time you add a new pair of pants to your wardrobe, donate an old pair. Follow the rule for every article of clothing you own to keep yourself from over-stuffing your closet.

Notice Your Habits and Behavior

Notice where your clutter comes from at its source: Your behavior and habits. Keep a mental note of how items end up where they don’t belong. This is a crucial first step because once you recognize the habit, you can find ways to turn that into an easy way to stay organized. If you arrive home and tend to toss your mail on the coffee table where it piles up, then consider finding a box to put in a place that is easily accessible but off precious table space.

Get A Little Help From A Friend

Being picky with your belongings can be difficult. After all, we tend to have emotional attachments to many of them. So, it can be beneficial to bring in outside help. A friend won’t have the same attachment, thus making it easier to be rational and realistic when it comes to decluttering. A friend also brings with them an outsider point of view. You may have lived in your house for a while and tend to miss little details of clutter because you’re so familiar with the space. A friend will be able to point out the little areas of clutter that you may be missing.

Get Organized

Place Like Things Together

This may seem a little obvious but the benefits of grouping similar items together is tremendous for many reasons. Take the time to go through your space and place items together, such as the coats from your closet and the mudroom or the books from the office and the living room. If you can effectively group, divide and place items, it allows you to recognize just how much of one thing you have. In turn, this will help you remove any extra or unnecessary items. And then, putting them away together makes it easier when you go back to find something, such as your favorite pair of jeans in the fall.

Take to Labeling

Once you have all your items sorted out, label your containers. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a proper and thorough system for labeling your items. By giving everything a designated place, it will help with future organizing. If you buy a new pair of jeans, you’ll know exactly where it belongs rather than tossed onto the back of a chair. Then comes time to break out the winter coats or holiday decorations, you’ll be able to find the correct container without opening 17 others beforehand.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Organizing your house can seem like a massive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of thinking about it as an entire house, you have to organize, take it room by room. Assess which parts of your house need organizing and determine which of those spaces needs to be addressed first. From there, prepare a schedule for when you want to get each space organized and then block out time. Organizing one room will then give you the satisfaction and confidence to move on to the next. Once you’re done with the house, make it a habit to tidy up a little bit every day to keep clutter from piling back up.

Assess Your Storage Options

Once you’re done organizing and grouping your items, take a look at the spaces you have to put away your stuff. Assess all the best spots and little nooks you can store your newly organized items. Then, determine if you need storage solutions to help you maximize your space for convenience and aesthetic.

Products for Organizing

There are plenty of options to store items and organize spaces, which means you can get just the right size and aesthetic to fit your home. When preparing to buy organizing solutions, consider these items to get you started: a measuring tape and a label maker. Before going crazy with shelves and drawers, be sure to get the right measurements for your space first. This is where the tape measure comes in handy. Measure once, twice, three times to make sure you’ve got it just right. And, as mentioned before, a label maker can change the game in making you hyper-organized and well prepared not just a home but everywhere.


Drawer dividers are a great way to keep your drawers from becoming a messy place you stuff garments. That way, your socks don’t get mixed up with your underwear. A clothing rack offers a nice way to display your clothing for easy access. It also solves the issue if you don’t have a closet or are limited on closet space. 

Entry Way

A shoe rack is an easy way to store your shoes by the front door so that they are easily accessible and compact. Plus, there are so many designs to fit the decor of your house. 

Mini wall hooks in your entryway provide a convenient place to hang umbrellas, keys, or coats. This one even has a slot for mail.


Shower caddies help organize your shampoo, conditioner, soap and more in a way that gets them off the tub. There are many designs such as standing racks, hanging racks over the showerhead and hooks that hang on the side of the tub. If you’re someone with a large family where toiletries can easily get mixed up, having designated bins labeled for each family member is a great way to keep things organized.

Living Room

Storage ottomans are a two-in-one deal. Not only does it provide a place in your living room to sit or put your feet up, but it can also be an opportunity to store blankets, pillows and more. Consider a cubicle organizer to store books, toys, decor and more in your living room.


Ever dug through your spice cabinet for the rosemary? Forget about it with a spice rack. Easily display and find your spices to cut down on cooking time. And, don’t let your refrigerator be a cluttered mess of delicious foods. Instead, add storage bins to sort and organize.

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