Energy Star Homes & Programmable Thermostats | Brunswick Crossing


Brunswick Crossing is an ENERGY STAR community. Our builders use programmable thermostats to help homeowners save money on their heating and cooling systems. Stop in and see what makes our community going green when it comes to savings.

Today homeowners are you looking for an inexpensive way to reduce home heating and cooling costs without sacrificing comfort. Reducing your thermostat setting by 3 degrees Fahrenheit (or 2 degrees Celsius) for eight hours can slash 4 percent off your energy costs. For every additional degree you cut, you'll save an extra 2 percent.

Programmable digital and wireless thermostats allow you to automatically adjust indoor temperature ranges during various times of the day. For example, you can choose to lower the thermostat at night, when you have the warmth of your sheets and blankets to offset the reduction in air temperature, and have it automatically rise when you're ready to get up to ensure you don't step out of a warm bed and into a cold house.

Many people also use programmable thermostats to save energy while they're at work; you can hold back on running your home's HVAC system while you're at work and have it automatically kick in to adjust the temperature to the desired level for your arrival in the evening. When paired with energy efficient air conditioners and heating systems, programmable thermostats have the potential to knock an additional 10 percent off the cost of running your HVAC unit.

Good news - programmable thermostats are available in all new homes at Brunswick Crossing!

To optimize energy savings, set your night-time/away from home setting as low as comfortable in the winter and as high as comfortable in the summer--the lower/higher you go, the greater the savings.