Brunswick Crossing Wins Award at NALP 2020 Awards of Excellence

NALP 2020 Awards of Excellence

In the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) 2020 Awards of Excellence, Brunswick Crossing received a Silver Award in the Commercial Landscape Management category. Brunswick Crossing caters to over 2,000 residents and provides them a vibrant and friendly atmosphere with their landscaping services. Let’s take a look at the very reason they were awarded with such a wonderful honor:

Community Center

A true focal point that welcomes residents and visitors to the property is the Community Center. The entrance is well-groomed and neatly maintained with planters, shrubs, and flowers. The planters are water three to four days a week. Nearly 400 hours of pruning is required each year to maintain the over 10,000 perennials, grasses, and shrubs in the community. Behind the Community Center is a large terrace of green space. Crews mow each of the levels of terrace space and maintain the crepe myrtles, which are pruned each year to ensure they grow back the same size.

Sidewalks and Roadways

Approximately 80 hours a week is spent maintaining five miles of curb and sidewalk throughout the community. The brick pavers require special attention. Crew members use chemical weed control along the sidewalks and roadways to prevent weed growth that could crack the bricks. The medians also require attention with over 1,200 trees that need pruning and limbing to keep a 14’ clearance and clear sightlines for traffic. Work includes dormant pruning in the winter and ongoing pruning in the summer.


The appearance of the many amenities across the community must be kept to the high standard of Brunswick Crossing. In the pool area, the shrubs are pruned weekly. Crew constantly rearrange the clamantis and climbing rose vines to encourage them to climb the trellis and retaining wall. Surrounding the Community Center and pool are sports fields. The soccer field needs to be mowed, the volleyball court raked, and the tennis courts cleared of leaves. Throughout the community are six tot lots. The crew must install mulch annually and rake weekly, not to mention maintain the shrubs, perennials, and grasses which provide privacy.

Trails and Parks

Two miles of walking trails wing through a woodland conservation area. Crews mow around the pain and cut back branches to keep 8-10 feet clear. They must also keep a close eye on weeds, thistle, and erosion along the paths. Crews also walk around the edge of the 12 stormwater management ponds to rake out leaves, trash, and weeds. 

Overlook park features two dog parts, which cater to dogs of all sizes. They are mowed in the morning before residents let their pets loose. The landscape contractor and property manager work together to communicate when the park will be closed for 24 hours after application of fertilizer and weed control. And finally, crews maintain over 200 acres of turf space via fertilization treatments, moving schedules, and irrigation systems. These spaces welcome residents to sit, relax, and enjoy the scenery.


Currently, Brunswick Crossing includes over 400 single-family, villa and townhomes. Residents are responsible for pruning and weeding, but landscape maintenance crew are responsible for cleanups once in the spring and twice in the fall. The crew clears all the beds, removes waste, and installs mulch. In addition to that, many homes have fenced-in backyards, which pose a challenge to the crews. Residents are advised to unlock fences, clean up pet waste, and remove items from the lawns so that the crew may mow. However, not all residents comply and the crew must take extra precautions moving small equipment and removing obstacles before they work. They must also remember to close all fence gates to keep pets from escaping.

Brunswick Crossing strives to make you feel at home both inside and outside. Whether you’re taking a walk, playing a match of tennis, or going for a dip in the pool, you can be sure that you will be surrounded by beauty. If you’re ready to enjoy all that Brunswick Crossing has to offer, schedule an in-person or virtual tour.