Brunswick Crossing’s Commuter’s Guide: 5 Best Music Apps

Commuting to and from work is never fun, no matter the distance. Think about it: traffic jams, aggressive drivers and bad weather all add up, especially when we'd all rather be at home with our families. There are many ways to de-stress during rush hour, including listening to music. Whether you are singing at the top of your lungs to the latest pop song or mellowing out to some classical tunes, these downloadable music apps will help you get through any commute. Here are some of Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s best music apps:

  • PandoraThis is the most famous music app in the business – and for a good reason. Pandora Radio allows users to create their own stations based on artist, song, album or genre. Once a station is created, the app plays that music and similar tracks to give you a variety and introduce some new artists. You can also shuffle all of your stations if you are interested in a little bit of everything. If you want to skip out on the 30-second to minute-long commercials, upgrade to Pandora One for $3.99 per month.

  • SongzaThis is another brilliant app with a bit of a twist. Songza’s main focus is finding music to match your mood or activity with its in-house Concierge. You can also choose playlists based on genre and even decade. If you used the search engine, Songza will narrow your preferences down artists and their suggested playlists.

  • ShazamHave you ever heard a song on the radio, a TV show or movie, but did not know what it was? Shazam solves that exact problem. Tap the tag button in the middle of the screen, and let the technology do the finding. This app is convenient, free, quick and accurate. It also keeps track off all the songs you tagged or, as its users say, “Shazamed,” so no more wondering what that radio song was on your commute this morning.

  • iHeartRadioThis free streaming app is for those who enjoy listening to both curated playlists and the radio all in one. iHeartRadio allows its users to listen online to the best live radio, sports, news, NPR and music based on their favorite artists, genres, songs or albums. The app offers personalized station recommendations, favorites, mood selection and podcasts. The most convenient part of this app is when you go out of town and are unfamiliar with their radio stations. iHeartRadio is Internet-based, so you can listen to your favorite hometown station while away.

  • SpotifyThis app allows you to search for any song, artist or album and listen for free. You can make and share playlists with available tracks to build your ideal music collection. Unlike Pandora, this app doesn’t have any advertisements, but it still gives you a shuffle button and the option to sit back and just enjoy Spotify Radio. For more benefits, upgrade to Spotify Premium for 99 cents the first 3 months then $9.99 per month after.

Warning: While Brunswick Crossing wants you to have the most enjoyable commute, we also want it to be as safe as possible. These suggested apps involve using a cell phone. If you plan to use them for your drive, please set them up before you hit the road to avoid fines and accidents.

You can’t control the weather, traffic, or driving talents of your fellow commuters,  but you can control your personalized playlists. Commuting is a huge part of life, but that does not mean it has to be boring or stressful. Use any of these free apps to make your drive a little more fun.