Build Your Dream Home 101: Picking a Lot

Choosing a lot

Building your dream home starts with the land it’s built upon. This is no decision to overlook—it can greatly impact your quality of life in the smallest ways. There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right lot for you and your family: that’s why we’ve compiled some factors to consider when landing that perfect lot.

Direction house faces

One of the great parts about building a new home is that you have some control over which direction your house faces. It all depends on the lot you choose. There may be some cultural factors involved, but another factor is the fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This dictates when and where the sunlight shines through your windows.

An east-facing home will get morning sunlight at the front of the house and evening sun in the back of the house. The opposite will be true for a west-facing home. Energy conservation also plays a part in this since sunlight will warm up your spaces. For example, north-facing homes are ideal for areas with warmer temperatures since they receive less sunlight at the front of the house.

Proximity to amenities

Many new build home communities include a variety of wonderful amenities that support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Brunswick Crossing offers a wide range of resort-style amenities, such as a community center, athletic fields, community pool, and tot lots. Among the many things to consider, where your home is located in relation to these various amenities is something to keep in mind. Where’s the nearest park? How about an entrance to a trail? Is a dog park nearby?


Depending on where the community is located, you might have an opportunity for some fantastic views out your window. Brunswick Crossing is located among the Appalachian Mountains. Keep in mind that your community may not be complete. Because you have a nice view now, doesn’t mean it will remain the same as your neighbors start to move in. Keep that in mind when picking a lot for your new home.

Traffic patterns

Traffic patterns around a lot play a big role in the noise, privacy, and safety of your house. A home near the main entrance will have more cars entering and exiting the community. There might be other side outlets. These outlets may be less used and provide easy entrance and exit to the community, but still attract more traffic. Meanwhile, a cul de sac limits traffic. Kids can easily get out to play street hockey or basketball with others in the neighborhood without getting interrupted by cars as often.


Topography describes the geographic features of a landscape. It’s a way of looking at your plot in a three-dimensional space rather than a flat two-dimensional space. These maps display the elevation because a lot may not be totally level. The topography plays a role in the building of your house and how you use the space. Your lot doesn’t have to be primarily flat. Even a slope can be used in an interesting and creative way.

Do your research

Above everything, do your research. Obviously, you’re already in the process of researching the perfect lot since you’re reading this article. However, there are many steps to ensure that you choose the right lot. Look for a site map. Your community will likely have a map of the available lots in the community and the location of the various amenities, like this one for Brunswick Crossing. Another crucial step you can take is to visit the community in person. This is how you’ll truly get a feel for the lot’s placement in the community, the views it has, the traffic pattern, and so much more.

Are you ready to get your new home underway? Brunswick Crossing welcomes you to visit our community, tour the model homes in person, take a virtual tour, and check out the resort-style amenities we offer.

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