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Making the choice of where to live is tough enough, but once you have a location down, deciding which type of home you’ll purchase is the next big task on the list.

It’s important to consider all factors of you and your family’s lifestyle before picking the type of new construction home you’ll live in for years to come. At Brunswick Crossing, we have four types of homes that provide comfortable and luxurious living for people of all ages, interests, and walks of life.

But it should come as no surprise that certain types of homes fit certain lifestyles better than others. To help shed a brighter light on this fact, we’ve put together this guide for choosing the right Brunswick Crossing home for your lifestyle.  

Townhomes & Villa Homes

Historically, townhomes were utilized as the city residence of a noble or wealthy family, that would own one or more country houses in which they lived for most of the year. In fact, in the 18th century, landowners and their servants would move to a townhome during the social season (typically when major balls would take place in cities).

These days, townhomes are not necessarily for the wealthy, although, they can be expensive where detached single-family homes are uncommon, such as major cities. But for the most part, those who currently purchase townhomes are homebuyers looking for something with more space than an apartment but less upkeep and costly than a single-family home.

Townhomes tend to be more compact than single-family homes which make them great options for both young families and retirees. According to the 2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, townhomes saw the most purchases from buyers who are 28 and younger or 73-93.

Townhomes are also great options for those who hate yard work, as they typically have a smaller yard than other types of standalone homes. Townhomes also appeal to young adults and retired seniors on a budget because utility expenses can be drastically cheaper due to their compact nature and the fact that at least one wall is shared.

The villa homes at Brunswick Crossing offer another style of attached homes, similar to townhomes but different in design. Villa homes focus less on the terraced portion of the homes than townhomes do, and they give a unique look to the outside of the home that is inspired by ancient Roman architecture and desired by many homebuyers. Villas also tend to emphasize gardens and landscapes more than townhomes. So if you’re looking for townhome size but enjoy working in the garden, a villa at Brunswick Crossing is perfect for you.  

Single-Family & Neo-Traditional

Detached single-family homes come in various styles, including the neo-traditional models that can be found at Brunswick Crossing. 

Single-family homes are not as popular among “the silent generation” — those ages 73-93 — as this demographic is more interested in downsizing. However, overall, detached single-family homes continue to be the most popular type of home purchased in the United States, making up a whopping 82 percent of all homes bought. The most common age range that purchases single-family homes are homebuyers between the age of 29 and 53. However, 81 percent of buyers 28 and younger or between 54 to 63 also bought single-family homes last year.

The Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report also shows that single females are more than twice as likely to purchase single-family homes than single males. 

Neo-traditional style single-family homes are for those who like having the best of both worlds when it comes to old-school design but New Age architecture. The neo-traditional models at Brunswick Crossing feature traditional home designs that are appealing to many homebuyers, but they are built with modern materials that give homeowners peace of mind.

Single-family homes of all types are common choices for established families, and an even more popular option for households with joint income. Those who like a little more square footage and property to work with choose single-family homes to raise their family in, and those who like traditional styles with modern features will gravitate toward the neo-traditional look. 

Although retirees are not the typical homebuyers of these types of homes, both the single-family homes and the neo-traditional homes at Brunswick Crossing make single-level living easy because all of the essential rooms are on the first floor.

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