Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Curb Appeal

As a homeowner, you are used to seeing the interior of your home, full of family pictures on the walls and your children’s drawings and report cards on the fridge. However, when selling your home, the process involves more than repairing appliances inside and dusting the furniture. In fact, one of the biggest selling points of a home is the exterior. It is the initial view of the home that attracts a potential buyer, so curb appeal is a huge aspect of the buying process. It’s all about first impressions! Here is Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s guide to great curb appeal:

Picture your home from a different view. After being in your home for so long, you are probably used to all of its quirky nooks and crannies. However, it is a good idea to get a new view of your home when selling, so you can think like potential buyers. Walk into the street when the road is clear and look at the lawn or near the garage to see what could be spruced up. Go to the side of your home and see if any repairs or painting need to be finished. You may be surprised at what could use a little touch-up and TLC.

Clean the windows and gutters. This project is done around once or twice a year because most homeowners are more concerned with the inside of their homes, but when it comes to curb appeal, you can never go wrong with shiny, reflective windows and clean gutters.

Maintain landscaping. This is another chore that is done only when the weather is nice. Maintaining your landscape is a huge part of curb appeal, so grab some gardening gloves and go pull any weeds and trim the hedges. It is also a smart idea to trim unwanted tree limbs and re-mulch the garden. If you have time, and if your wallet permits it, consider edging the driveway and sidewalk and replacing your home’s house numbers.

Remember: You have a backyard. Most people enjoy having the vastness of a backyard. It is especially nice to have if you have children and/or pets because you have room to build swing sets, install trampolines or invest in a pool. However, when it comes to your home’s curb appeal, a lot of homeowners forget to pay attention to their backyard, too. Do not forget to power wash the deck to revive its paint color and mow the lawn for a tidier appearance.

Take the best photos possible. Curb appeal is not just for in-person appearances anymore. It happens online, too. According to the National Association of Realtors, 63 percent of potential buyers will drop by for a visit after seeing a home they like online. When you decide to grab the camera and snap away, make sure you do not capture too much sunlight, which will give your pictures a glow effect. Ironically, overcast days are the best days to shoot because you can avoid overexposure. It is also smart to get rid of any “extras,” such as bicycles in the front yard, recycling bins on the street and cars in the driveway.

When it comes to curb appeal, remember that it is not all about the front yard. While you should still wash the windows and pull the weeds, it is a good idea to mow both lawns and power wash all sides of your home. After all of the manual labor is finished, make sure you go outside with a quality camera to take some excellent pictures to post online, so you can have the best curb appeal on the block.