Falling in Love with Your Home: 5 Tips for Autumn Curb Appeal

With the homecoming of fall, we invite pumpkin-flavored everything back into our life. We celebrate the return of football, and we take our children shopping for the best Halloween costumes ever. Along with the crisp autumn air, we experience a shift in the aesthetic of our front and back yards. Suddenly, there are crunchy orange, brown and yellow leaves covering the grass. This leaves the tree branches bare and cracking, which (admittedly) is not the best look to go with those cool jack-o’-lanterns on the front porch. Whether you are selling your home or you simply desire a cleaner finish to your existing house, here a few of Ryan Home’s at Brunswick Crossing best tips on autumn curb appeal:

Remove the leaves. They’re beautiful for crafts, but they hinder your soil’s health. By keeping the grass covered, leaves prohibit sunlight from reaching the roots of the blades, so break out the leaf blower or a rake to get rid of the foliage. You should also feed your lawn organic, pesticide-free fertilizer and condition the soil in your garden in early October to begin root repair from the damage done in the summer.

Bring on the fall color palette. Bright colors do your home’s curb appeal justice during the warmer months, but the summer and spring bulbs tend to be unprepared for the harsher winter months. Instead, plant some hearty shrubs or small trees in shades from deep purple to light green. If gardening below 70 degrees isn’t your thing, add artificial greenery! From wreaths to pine bark to rocks, the possibilities for visual appeal are endless.

Add illumination. The days get shorter upon fall’s arrival, so it is important that you can see your home’s driveway after 7 p.m. Install garage sconces and walkway lights, so everyone can see where they’re stepping. Setting up adequate lighting is especially important for anyone trying to sell their home. Many potential buyers visit the house at dusk to view late-night traffic patterns and safety precautions, so make sure your home isn’t hidden within the shadows.

Break out the holiday décor. It wouldn’t be Halloween or Thanksgiving without outdoor decorations. However, the trick is to add to your home’s existing appeal rather than detracting from it. Think about it like make-up on a face: The key is to enhance natural beauty rather than hide it by using too many cosmetics. Use nature’s warm colors, such as orange, yellow, brown and a dash of green or purple, when choosing decorations for your porch, mailbox, front door and other fixtures. Don’t forget to go to the pumpkin patch for that perfect last touch of autumn curb appeal!

Wash and paint your house. This chore may take some time to complete, but by power washing and adding another coat of weather-resistant paint to your home, you’ll be going the extra mile in curb appeal – and it’s worth it. This helps prevent damage to your house from harsh weather, but it also brightens up your home’s exterior and provides a nice contrast to your fall decorations and do-it-yourself projects.

Overall, don’t underestimate the power of curb appeal. Most potential buyers will judge a home based on its outdoor aesthetic, and many homeowners feel better about their model knowing it looks cozy on the outside and the inside. Even though the weather is slowly dropping, it’s smart to strap on some garden gloves to rake, plant and mulch your lawn before the colder temperatures. While you’re at it, break out the power washer, paint brushes and pretty lights (decorative and functional), and prepare your home for the best autumn curb appeal.