How To Flawlessly Host A Housewarming Party In Your New Home


Congratulations on moving into your new home! It is time to share this momentous occasion with your family and friends, which means you have to plan a housewarming party. Since it might be your first time, Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing is giving you a few expert tips on how to pull off the best party without a hitch -- room by room.

Bathrooms: While no one will be spending the bulk of their time in the bathroom during your housewarming party (unless there’s bad seafood), it is important to keep it extra clean during all of the buzz about your home:

  • Keep the essentials on hand. Stock up on extra hand soap, lotion, toilet paper, and other toiletries before your guests arrive.
  • Add a festive touch. Bathrooms do not always have to be boring, so put in a few LED candles or seasonal towels for ambiance.
  • Designate a bathroom. This ensures that guests do not wander around your home, jiggling door handles all night.
  • Clean up your medicine cabinet. Throw away anything that has expired, and put on a lock, so your guests can’t sift through your personals.

Great rooms: The living room is meant for entertaining, and it is ultimately where your guests will wander to at a housewarming party. Make your new greatroom more inviting with a few tricks:

  • Do not be afraid to rearrange furniture to fit extra people or party décor. Beyond that, remove things that interrupt the flow of the room.
  • Go for mood lighting. Rely on lamps with warm white lights, tea candles, or string lights, which will provide a cozier atmosphere.
  • Maximize table space by using tiered trays and risers for food. This will ensure that you get the most use of the main coffee table.

Kitchens: At Brunswick Crossing, we have plenty of beautiful gourmet kitchens in our single-family homes, villas, and townhomes. To make entertaining in this room easy, here are our favorite tips:

  • Do a deep clean of dishes to clear out the clutter. While you do this, take out which pots and pans you will need to make the menu to save time.
  • Add a table and/or extra seating. Nothing is more awkward than trying to find a seat at the party, so make it easy on your guests by providing it in advance.
  • Plan the menu, or set up a bar of hors d'oeuvres. Check out our post about which meals go best with which party themes.
  • Dress up the kitchen with a statement centerpiece, small candles, or a tablecloth.

Media rooms: Some families store their collection of holiday movies, while others use it to stash video games and consoles. No matter what your family uses it for, consider transforming the space into an overflow room for your party. Here is how to do it:

  • Settle in. This room might be a graveyard for empty moving boxes, but your guests want to see all of the space your media room offers! Throw the cardboard in the recycling bin, and get to organizing.

  • Host a game night. If your media room is full of board games and decks of cards, create a theme around that. It will keep everyone entertained, and you can save money on a few supplies.
  • Play music. It will be loud enough to become background noise upstairs.

And there you have it. From upstairs to downstairs, Brunswick Crossing has given you some professional tricks on how to flawlessly throw a housewarming party in your new home.