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You’ve been overseeing the construction of your new build home for months. Now, it’s finally time to get your fresh start and move in. As excited as you may be for your new house, the first month may feel foreign and a bit weird. It can be especially hard for kids to acclimate to a different environment.

At first, your new home might not feel like home. And that’s okay! As you and your family make new memories over time, there are ways to make those first weeks feel a little more comfortable. Here are some ways to make the transition into your new home more seamless:

Recreate points of familiarity

When you think about home, you think about comfort. It’s a warm space to be yourself. Like a worn pair of jeans or a favorite restaurant, nothing is more comforting than the things we are familiar with. As you make the move to your new home, stimulate the senses with familiar sights and sounds. For example, hang curtains, lay out rugs, or display the clock that chimes every hour from your previous home.

Focus on the kid’s rooms

Moving to a new house is a big change for everyone, but even more so for kids. They are leaving behind friends, family, and favorite places. An unfamiliar, foreign house can be stressful for kids who may struggle to adjust. To help them settle in, focus some time on their bedroom. It’s the perfect opportunity to get them excited and involved in the moving process. Let them make decisions about their new space, such as the color, layout, and decor. Then, let them unpack. Opening and organizing all their belongings can offer comfort in an unfamiliar situation.

Indulge in all your favorites

Nothing comforts and creates new positive memories like all your favorites. Stimulate your senses with your favorite candle or hand soap scent. Cook your comfort food recipes or fill the house with the smell of warm cookies. Pack a speaker somewhere you can easily access it so you can jam out to your music playlists.

Stick to your routine

A new location is a great opportunity to create better, healthier habits. For example, utilizing the fitness center in the community or keeping your belongings better organized. But, not everything has to change. Incorporate parts of your previous routine that worked well. At your previous house, you may have found that placing your keys in a bin by the front door helped you keep track of them. Don’t forgo that habit just because your location has changed.

Make it personal

A new home, especially ones newly built, can feel like a cookie-cutter at first, but it doesn't have to remain that way! Think of it like a blank canvas. It’s the perfect chance to personalize your house to reflect your style and values. Fill the empty walls with artwork and family pictures. Roll out a rug that fits your home's aesthetic. Add plants and flowers to tables and window sills. And finally, apply pops of color.

Add pops of color

A new home is often painted with neutral colors. For the homeseller, neutrals are a safe choice because it allows the potential homebuyer to visualize their life in the space. Now that the house is yours, it’s time to personalize it with pops of color. Before you unpack too much, paint a feature wall to complement the furniture. A colorful rug or statement piece is also an easy way to brighten any space and make it more personal. 

Adjust the lighting

Lighting is essential for creating just the right atmosphere. Thanks to the latest smart technology, homeowners have more options when adjusting the lighting in their home. By installing smart bulbs, you can control the color and brightness of your fixtures. Ambient lighting also improves the atmosphere of a room. Ambient light is the glow provided by fixtures such as chandeliers, pendants, and wall mounts. This lighting can naturally warm a space. It’s best, however, to have various light settings— bright, dimmed, and ambient— to best fit the mood and time of day.

If you’re ready to build your next home, check out all the opportunities waiting at Brunswick Crossing. With single-family homes, main-level homes, and townhomes, we offer a model for every lifestyle. Learn more about our community, resort-style amenities, and available models.

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