How To Make Your Backyard Look Bigger

Most people wish that their backyard was a little bit larger, so they’d have more space for their kids to play or to entertain guests during the summer. However, homeowners can make their yards look bigger and feel more spacious using a few easy design tricks. Here’s Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s tips on how to make a small backyard look bigger:

Organize your space. While you might not have a lot to work with, it’s important to organize the space that you do have. Define the space by designating areas for dining, lounging, cooking, and playing using arbors, trellises, and pergolas. Homeowners can also achieve this by…

Use levels. Incorporate terraced landscaping in your smaller backyard to elevate the designated areas mentioned above. You can also create depth by placing a lower wall of concrete or bricks, which can double as outdoor bench seating, or by installing a conversation pit around an outdoor fireplace. Whether you go up or down, your backyard should feel bigger.

Begin vertical gardening. Space is a valuable commodity in smaller backyards, so don’t be afraid to look up. Grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables on flowering vines or an arbor, so you have more space on the ground for patio furniture, the grill, and other outdoor amenities.

Create a destination backyard. Most people are familiar with destination weddings, so take that concept to your backyard. A small backyard will feel grander if you turn it into a worthy hangout spot with a fun theme.

Make a focal point. Adding a special feature like a fountain, fire pit, or a hammock will also make your backyard worth the visit, and it creates a focal point where the eyes are immediately drawn. You can also opt for a pop of color by placing bright pillows on large chairs or hanging outdoor curtains in front of your backdoor. 

Choose the right trees. You may not think that the type of plants in your backyard makes a difference, but it definitely does. Taller, thinner shapes, like columnar evergreens, will draw the eyes up while dwarf shrubs and vinery on tiered container gardens will draw the eyes down. This creates a seamless vertical view, which will give you a lush backyard without taking up too much space. 

Skip the fence. Your backyard will appear bigger if the eye can see natural plants beyond your property line. The unobstructed greenery will seem like part of the same landscape, which will create the illusion of a larger backyard. If you want to keep the cohesion between your backyard and beyond, choose similar plants to create a nice complement.

Hang mirrors. Even though it’s not a typical outdoor fixture, mirrors literally create an illusion of bigger backyard. It reflects light and helps create a decorative area, but find a stainless steel, stone, treated wood, or copper mirror frame to help prevent rusting.

From saving money on not buying a fence to creating a destination backyard with pops of color, these tips will help create the illusion of space, even if you don’t have it.