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Soon the seasons will be changing and the warm summer weather will turn into brisk autumn air. Now’s the time to start thinking about storage solutions, organization, and other home prep tasks so that you can transition seamlessly from summer to fall.

Between multiple walk-in closets, an optional second-floor laundry room, and a two-car garage, the K. Hovnanian villa homes at Brunswick Crossing have plenty of space for storing all of your summer items. 

To help you maximize your organization, we’ve outlined a storage solutions and home prep checklist that will teach you how to prepare your home for the end of summer. 

Remove Moisture: Before storing any items for the fall and winter, you’ll want to make sure they’re completely dry and free of moisture. Wet or damp items in dark, confined spaces can cause moldy or musty odors, and rust can occur on metal items.

Use Dust Covers: When storing more valuable or delicate items, use dust covers to keep them protected. This is particularly important when storing patio furniture, grills, bikes, kayaks, canoes, etc. Dust covers can also be placed directly on the ground for items that you don’t want touching the floor of your garage or closet.

Prep Grill: If you’re putting away your grill for the fall and winter, make sure the propane tank is disconnected and all loose ash/soot has been cleaned so that it does not spill all over your storage area. Covering your grill with either a dust cover or water-repellent grill cover is also a wise move for keeping this summer mainstay protected.

Use Plastic Containers: Whether it’s your clothes, bedding, or other items, use plastic containers for storage as opposed to cardboard boxes. Plastic storage containers not only will allow you to locate certain items easier because of their transparency, but they’ll also help keep items dry and free of damage. Cardboard can wear down much easier and won’t protect your items well from external factors.

Finish Paint Projects: Summer is one of the best times of the year to complete interior paint projects because it allows you to open up windows and doors to air out paint fumes and odors. If you’ve started any interior paint projects this summer, try to finish them up before fall gets into full swing and the temperatures drop.

Check for Air Leaks: No one likes a drafty room in the winter. So why not nip the problem in the bud and check for air leaks throughout your home at the end of summer? Take some time to walk around your home and find places where cold air could potentially seep through. Look for any cracks or holes in or around windows and doors, as well as any exterior areas with seams like where your siding meets your chimney or where the foundation of the house meets the ground. Filling these leaks with caulk before the cold weather hits is something you’ll thank yourself for later.

Air Out Winter Clothing/Bedding: To get your fall and winter clothes that have been sitting in storage all spring and summer ready for use, take them out of their storage containers and pick a nice sunny, breezy day to hang them outside in order to air them out. This also works for any bedding, pillows, or area rugs you plan to use throughout the fall and winter. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight actually serve as a disinfectant, so exposing your fall and winter items to some fresh air at the end of the summer will actually make them cleaner while killing any odors or mildew that is present.

Our Westminster villa homes by K. Hovnanian offer walk-in closets on the first and second floor and a two-car garage for your storage needs. Learn more about the Westminster model by following the link below.

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