Kitchen Wisdom: How To Save Time When Grocery Shopping


In honor of Weis Markets' Grand Opening at Brunswick Crossing on November 16, 2017, we're offering our neighbors and friends weekly Kitchen Wisdom to take into your new home.

This week, in conjunction with our final Be Wise event about Gas N’ Go, we're discussing how to save money when grocery shopping for your family. Check it out below:

  • Use a nifty shopping app. Did you know that Michelangelo wrote grocery lists, too? His work of art, which illustrates bread, pasta, wine, and fish, is on display at an art museum in Florence, Italy

    While the famous artist’s list never got lost in the bread aisle or left at home upon the new kitchen countertop, these scenarios might be all too familiar to you.

    Because your grocery list won’t be encased for tourists, swap paper for a few of the best grocery shopping apps on the market. Check out our favorites in Grocery Shopping Apps That Will Save You Time And Money.

  • Create a list. If you meal prep, create a separate list of ingredients that you’ll need for the week’s menus. This ensures that you purchase exactly what you’ll use and the correct amount, so nothing goes to waste.

    You can also place a Sticky Note or magnetic list on the fridge and tell your family to write what needs to be restocked. This prevents the frantic text to everyone while you’re in the parking lot -- and subsequently forgetting your family’s favorite cookies or must-have juice boxes because you already checked out.

  • Group ingredients together. When making a grocery list, group similar ingredients together and organize the columns by aisle. As you push your cart through the grocery store, you’ll whiz through aisles instead of darting back and forth. 

  • Take inventory. How many times have you purchased a box of crackers for soccer practice when a near-full box is already in your pantry? Or assumed that because the lettuce went bad that all of your other produce also rotted? 

    Before you head to the grocery store, take inventory of what you already have in your new kitchen. Start with essentials like milk, bread, eggs, and butter. Move onto produce, and check the expiration date to see if you should purchase another in advance.  

    Non-perishables should be good to go, but see if you should stock up on chicken noodle and tomato soup for cold season. You may also need special ingredients for new holiday recipes.

    Lastly, don’t forget to peek in your medicine cabinet for any medications that need to be replaced or refilled by the pharmacy. While you’re in the bathroom, check on the status of daily toiletries like toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner, feminine hygiene products, shower soap, and cotton balls and Q-tips.

  • Don’t go when you’re hungry. Going to the grocery store when you’re hungry is a death sentence for your wallet. It also means you’ll be in the store for a longer period of time, picking up items that you don’t actually need because you’re famished.

    You might even be tempted to splurge at the in-store cafe or deli for lunch. Skip the pricey sit-down meal, and eat lunch at home before you go.

  • Leave your kids at home. We know that you love spending time with your kids, but if you want to get through the grocery store in record time, leave your little ones at home with your significant other or a babysitter.

    If it’s short notice (or you want to spend extra time with your children), check out How To Effortlessly Go To The Grocery Store With Your Kids. You can also divide and conquer the list, if your kids are older and trustworthy enough.

  • Do your research. Search through apps, newspapers, and online sources for deals on grocery items. Print or save any coupon that’s of use, and stick it in your wallet immediately. This helps prevent sticker shock and stopping in the middle of a crowded aisle to compare prices.
  • Go during off-peak hours. It’s hard to make time for grocery shopping between working full time and running to school and extracurricular activities for your kids. However, if you can make it to Weis Markets at Brunswick Crossing during off-peak hours, you’ll save a lot of time.