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7 Tips to Prepare for Moving Day

Moving day might be soon approaching and you still don’t feel as though you’re ready. You may be just as nervous as excited. After all, it’s a day with a lot of…moving parts. When you’re juggling so much at once, things can get overwhelming.

Certain challenges may arise but fear not! Setting a proper plan in place will minimize the ...

How to Make a Newly Built House Feel Like Home

You’ve been overseeing the construction of your new build home for months. Now, it’s finally time to get your fresh start and move in. As excited as you may be for your new house, the first month may feel foreign and a bit weird. It can ...

8 Tips for Adding Curb Appeal to Your House

First impressions are crucial in just about every aspect of life. It’s no less important when it comes to selling your home. More often than not, your home’s exterior is the first thing a potential buyer will see. It will set the tone for the rest of their experience as they explore the rest of the house.

Curb appeal refers to the ...

How to Safely and Successfully Host an Open House During COVID-19

For those selling a home during the COVID-19 pandemic, new challenges to making a sale disrupted many aspects of the process. Any occasion that could bring people together indoors was unsafe, so traditions like open houses were heavily limited by state and local restrictions. 

Now, isolation measures mandated mask-wearing and ...