Splash Into Brunswick Crossing’s Community Pool This Summer

Brunswick Crossing Pool

At Brunswick Crossing, we know the best medicine for a hot summer day is to take a refreshing dip in the pool and call us in the morning. Well, maybe you don’t have to call us, but having access to a community pool during the hottest months of the year is a luxury worth celebrating. And the perks of this amenity extend far beyond taking refuge from the heat. There are an array of benefits to having a pool at your disposal from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Below, we outline some of the benefits of a community pool like ours at Brunswick Crossing.

1. Like we said, it keeps you cool. Whether you’re tanning, enjoying time with friends and family, or playing sharks and minnows with your kids, a community pool gives you the opportunity to beat the summer heat. Swim, lounge, or soak in the sunshine (wearing plenty of sunscreen, of course). Whatever you do, know that all it takes to cool off is a quick dip in the water.

2. Stay fit all summer. You don’t just have to run laps — now you can swim them. Swimming is a top aerobic exercise and an excellent low-impact workout, so it’s not as harsh on your knees and other joints. Stay healthy through the summer while enjoying time in the sun. Better yet, you can get in some exercise just by playing in the water with your kids — you’d be surprised how many calories you can burn treading water.

3. Have a local go-to place to gather. Warm weather encourages outdoor activities — but we aren’t always in the mood for a scenic hike and bike ride. That’s why it’s good to have a spot nearby where you can enjoy being outside with friends and family. Best of all, most community pools — including the one at Brunswick Crossing — allow you to bring your own food and beverages (with specifications). Throw together a picnic-style lunch and experience a perfect day in the sunshine.

4. Keep your kids entertained once school is out. We know, it’s almost that time of year. Once school is out, parents have their school-aged children full time again. That means activities need to be planned to keep kids busy on those long, hot summer days. A community pool is the perfect place to take your children and their friends to enjoy their summer vacation (and hopefully burn some energy before bedtime). And with lifeguards on duty, you can rest assured knowing that your community pool has the right procedures in place to help keep your kids safe.

5. Two words: Adult swim. Be the envy of every child for 15 minutes an hour. That’s right, it’s adult swim time. Relax in the water while your kids take a much-needed breather at a community pool with mandated adult swim sessions throughout the day. Grab a pool noodle, pat your kids on the head, and bask in some peaceful and well-deserved me time before the splashing and cannonballs resume. 

6. Save money on summer activities. We love summer, but we also know it can be an expensive time of year. Between vacation plans, weekend getaways, and maintaining a healthy regimen of weekly activities, we know there’s a lot to see and do — and spend money on. That’s another reason why a day spent at the community pool is so great. In most instances — like at Brunswick Crossing — your family’s pool membership is already included in your monthly HOA fee. Cut down on costs even more by bringing snacks and drinks with you, no need to run out to grab lunch for the family.

At Brunswick Crossing in Brunswick, Maryland, we want everyone to have the best and most enjoyable summer possible with the ones they care about most. That’s why we are happy to provide our 25-meter swimming pool with a splash zone and kiddie pool to our community residents (and their guests). Here you can swim, play, relax, and spend time with friends and family while enjoying time in the sun. We pride ourselves on offering resort-style amenities to our community, and hope you and your family enjoy Brunswick Crossing as much as we enjoy having you.

We can’t wait to see you splash into the pool this summer! For more information on other amenities the community provides, please click the button below.

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