The Ultimate Guide to Our Community Pool | Brunswick Crossing


With our latest and greatest amenity (complete with a 6-lane competition pool, kiddie pool, and so much more) debuting this summer, we’ve had quite some time to brush up on our pool etiquette. At Brunswick Crossing, we know a thing or two about community pools, so to help you prepare for your first visit to ours, here’s a guide to the most common rules and regulations:

  • Use your pool passes. At Brunswick Crossing, we offer membership passes and two "fobs" to homeowners who are up-to-date on dues and without outstanding violations after they submit a completed application and send in photo identification. If you have received one, please use it to access the community pool and fitness center. We also give each household 10 complimentary guest passes that don't expire, so be sure to inform your visitors of our pool pass system.

  • Abide by the age restrictions. At our community pool, children between the ages of 10 and 13 can be unsupervised if the legal guardian has indicated so on the Membership Pass Application. However, they must pass a lifeguard-monitored swim test before they can be admitted into the pool. We highly suggest that any child under 10 years old should always be supervised by a parent or legal guardian, and any child under the age of 18 must abide by the “adult swim” policy every hour.

  • Be mindful of food and drink. Though we have vending machines available, snacks are allowed at our pool, but must be within a certain distance of the water. Grills and other portable cooking and preparation appliances, alcoholic beverages, and glass containers are prohibited. Trash and recycling should always be properly disposed of in the specified containers.

  • Don’t smoke. Like most community pools, ours prohibits smoking in the pool, inside of the lockers rooms/dressing area and bathrooms, and within the outdoor confines of the pool area and fitness center.

  • Leave your pets at home. No pets are allowed at our community pool or around the premises. 

  • Don’t run or participate in horseplay. Remind your children to refrain from engaging in any horseplay, illegal diving and jumping, roughhousing, breath-holding games, running in and around the pool or surrounding area, and other dangerous activities. If you see any of these behaviors, please let a lifeguard or pool manager know.

  • Respect our lifeguards and pool managers. We employ lifeguards and pool managers from RSV pools, who require each employee to be CPR- and first aid-certified. These people are there to keep you and your family safe. Because it's their top priority, please don’t distract lifeguard and pool managers by splashing in their direction, asking to touch the lifeguard tube, or talking to them. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please wait until they’re off duty.

  • Keep electronic devices away from the water. We highly suggest keeping your electronic devices, including cell phones, music devices, laptops, and headphones, at least 10 to 15 feet away from the water. However, the safest place to keep them is in the locker room.

  • Use the lost and found. If you find an unattended item, please be responsible and place it in our lost and found. Also, don't take anything, even temporarily, from the lost and found if it’s not yours. We regularly have people claim their forgotten pool accessories.

  • Refrain from bringing giant inflatables. Though our pool comes with plenty of entertainment, including a floating snake, waterslide, and tumble buckets, we understand if you’d like to bring small pool toys. However, please refrain from bringing giant inflatables and rafts as they typically don’t leave room for other patrons to enjoy the pool.

  • Wear the proper attire. At Brunswick Crossing, we request that our guests wear proper bathing suit attire. This includes children who aren’t potty trained who should wear swim diapers while in the water.