Tips To Sell Your Home Safely During A Pandemic

Couple Selling Home

Selling your home in the midst of this trying, unprecedented period of human history may seem daunting or even frightening due to the threat of spreading the virus. There are efficient ways to get around these obstacles and even work them to your advantage. Here is a list of steps to selling your home while keeping yourself and those around you safe.

Tip One - Know Your Market

During the COVID-19 age, it is essential to make yourself aware of the conditions under which you are selling. As the virus continues to wax and wane, tailor your house-selling plan to both maintain a safe environment and show off your house to its best advantages.

Since COVID-19 appeared, it has wreaked havoc on financial markets of all kinds, so you may think that this year’s woes have left the real estate market in a state of disarray. The first few months of the pandemic took its toll on the real estate world, but as of now, things are looking up; in fact, 2020 may be the year you find your dream home. Do your research to determine the current worth of your home, keeping in mind the effects the pandemic continues to have on your potential buyers.

Tip Two - Prepare Your Home

Prepare to Buy While You Prepare to Sell Combining these two tasks may sound like a lot of work, but that work will pay off. Doing both at once will force you to familiarize yourself with the market, as you’re seeing the market from both perspectives. You’ll be able to cater to a sellers’ market if you’re a buyer and vice versa, which will help you determine your values and equity. That said, if you're planning to buy a home before you sell your current one, Zillow suggests a home equity line of credit (HELOC), a loan which can secure reimbursement for your down payment. You may also find it useful to rent out your old home while finishing the process of purchasing your new one.

Get a Great Real Estate Agent

As was the case before the onset of COVID-19, obtaining a realtor is a highly recommended step in selling your house. It’s been common knowledge for years that an FSBO (“for sale by owner”) house-selling plan is risky and often ineffective, as only an experienced agent knows how to prepare your home and deal professionally with potential buyers who may not be so professional themselves. Additionally, a good real estate agent will help you with the plethora of steps in the house-selling process, taking much of the weight off your shoulders.

Create a Virtual Tour

There is no better time to create a virtual tour of your home. You can make your own virtual tour with tools as simple as your phone, using your agent as your director, or you can invest in a professional designer to create a 3D model. Especially if you’d prefer not to have people enter your home, a virtual tour is a must-have.

Use this excellent virtual tour of The Wesley II at Brunswick Crossing for reference. Notice how easy it is to navigate as well as how pristine the picture is in order to give prospective buyers a good idea of the building.

Tip Three - Showcase Your Home

While the world is by no means rid of COVID-19, gone are the days where business gatherings, including open houses, are completely called off. Open houses are taking place again, albeit with scheduled appointments, hand sanitizer stations and social distancing in place.

Abide by State Precautions First, consider the safety precautions currently in place where you live. In Maryland, for instance, cases are on the verge of rising again, and on September 8, Governor Larry Hogan renewed the State of Emergency by which has been in place since March. While large gatherings are still prohibited, smaller gatherings are allowed as long as face masks are worn and social distancing is practiced.

Of course, just because you’re allowed to have people enter your home during the pandemic, you certainly aren’t obligated to do so. Nobody can blame you for keeping the showings virtual if you’re more comfortable. Tools such as FaceTime and Skype are viable options for virtual showings.

If you do an open house, take extra precautions before welcoming prospective buyers through your front door. Limit the number of people to one or two at a time with scheduled times. Limit unnecessary contact by placing “Do Not Touch” notes on counters and cabinets. Maintain social distancing, and abide by COVID-19 guidelines.

Expect the Unexpected

Finally, it’s important for home sellers to realize that these are uncertain times. Buyers are liable to change their minds at any given moment. Expect both attitudes and circumstances to change without notice as long as COVID-19 reigns supreme, and to prepare alternate plans in case things fall through. Everyone has their own way of battling the spread of the virus, especially in a matter as personal as buying and selling a home, and maintaining a flexible and understanding viewpoint will guarantee a smoother process for everyone.

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