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5 Proven Ways to Build Your Credit Score

You're ready to buy a new build home and obtaining a mortgage is a crucial step in the purchasing process. To obtain a mortgage, you must meet several requirements. We’re going to focus on one of those requirements— the credit score.


Why You Should Live in a Neighborhood with an HOA

Imagine you’re visiting your friend for a housewarming party. As you pull into their community, there are tidy and well-maintained houses lining the streets. The landscaping is immaculate, kids are playing on a playground, and neighbors are out walking their dogs and socializing. This is all thanks to a homeowner’s association (HOA).

An ...

7 Tips to Prepare for Moving Day

Moving day might be soon approaching and you still don’t feel as though you’re ready. You may be just as nervous as excited. After all, it’s a day with a lot of…moving parts. When you’re juggling so much at once, things can get overwhelming.

Certain challenges may arise but fear not! Setting a proper plan in place will minimize the ...

How to Make a Newly Built House Feel Like Home

You’ve been overseeing the construction of your new build home for months. Now, it’s finally time to get your fresh start and move in. As excited as you may be for your new house, the first month may feel foreign and a bit weird. It can ...