5 Benefits of Downsizing to a Single-Level New Home


Single-level living is full of benefits for families of all ages. With an owner's suite on the first floor, you are always close by your kitchen, living room, home office, and front door. Having all of the essentials on the main level will not only save you time, but it will also remove the wear and tear on your body from years of having to walk up and down the steps several times a day. With the guest rooms or rooms of other family members on a separate floor, it also allows for much-needed privacy. While single-level is so many amazing things, it can be described in one simple word—convenience.

When Dan Ryan built the Monroe II model at Brunswick Crossing, this convenience was at the forefront of the model's design. With all the gorgeous and unique features that come with neo-traditional architecture, the Monroe II also provides single-level living to the residents who live in it. 

If you are considering building a new construction home designed around the convenience of single-level living, here are the five biggest benefits that you will receive from this lifestyle choice for years to come: 

1. Safety

Stairs can be dangerous, no matter your age. An injury can occur just as easily to an adult or teenager as they can to a senior or child. While our Monroe II model does have stairs, its single-level living reduces the risk of injury by cutting down on the number of times that you have to climb or descend them. For young children, simply block off the stairs to make sure that they are not injured testing out their new motor skills.

2. Maintenance

If you have owned a home where multiple levels are lived on, you understand the struggle of keeping up with the maintenance of all that space. It is incredibly draining to make sure that the surfaces have been dusted, floors and carpets have been swept, bathrooms have been cleaned, new sheets have been put on the beds, air filters have been changed, and the million other tasks that need to be done when you live on multiple floors. By reducing the space that you have in your home, and the number of floors that are lived on, you dramatically reduce the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. You know what that means? More time for you. 

3. Cleansing

Single-level living requires you to let go of material possessions that you may have been holding on for a little bit too long (don't worry, we don't judge). When preparing yourself to downsize, you will go through the process of determining what necessities can stay, and what needs to be donated, sold, or thrown away. At the end of this process, you will no longer be carrying around items that have been sitting in your storage room for years (or even decades). Forcing yourself to let go of belongings that you no longer need is a healthy and progressive step in your life towards a better you. Downsizing gives you a reason to take that step. 

4. Space

While the Monroe II allows for single-level living, it also has plenty of additional living space for guests or family members living with you. The gorgeous, open floor plan on the main level features an abundance of space in the areas that matter the most such as the kitchen, family room, and living areas. The Monroe II utilizes every square foot in a purposeful way. The first-floor owner's suite comes complete with an attached owner's bathroom and a walk-in closet. The flexible second floor features two additional bedrooms and a loft that can be converted into a fourth bedroom. If you need more space, enjoy the outdoors with access to a fabulous patio and the option to add on a deck. 

5. Investment

We are all aware that a home is one of the biggest investments that you can make in a lifetime. As a space that you are going to be living in for several years to come, it is important to not only think about your needs and wants right now, but also what they may be down the road. By keeping your long-term priorities in consideration when making this investment, you are protecting it for decades to come.