Blending Old and New in Neo-Traditional Home Design


Searching for your dream home? Interested in new construction with a traditional design? Look no further than the neo-traditional homes by Dan Ryan Builders at Brunswick Crossing.

Dan Ryan Builders neo-traditional homes provide flexibility and convenience for homeowners who want to have their cake and eat it too. New homes with traditional designs is the hallmark of neo-traditional home models. In fact, neo-traditional literally means “new traditional,” so you get the best of both worlds!

Neo-traditional home design borrows great architecture ideas from the past and evolves them into contemporary homes by incorporating new construction and using more modern materials such as vinyl and mock-brick. Inspired by historic styles, neo-traditional homes blend an old-school look with new-age architectural methods.

The historic architecture aspects of neo-traditional homes are typically seen in the decorative details in order to add a nostalgic feel to an otherwise modern structure. It’s not usually a matter of convenience or functionality, rather the aesthetics of the home. These decorative features include weather vanes, shutters, and dormers.

Other characteristics of neo-traditional design include:

  • Awnings
  • Mock shutters
  • Stained glass windows
  • Arched or round windows
  • Tin ceilings
  • Victorian lamp posts

This type of new construction can be seen not only in residential neighborhoods and luxurious communities like Brunswick Crossing, but also in commercial properties as well because of its welcoming nature and flexibility between old and new design.

Perhaps you’ve noticed some supermarket chains begin new construction on their locations to take on the more inviting look of a country store. Or maybe you’ve seen how restaurants such as Applebee’s, Cracker Barrel, T.G.I Friday’s, or Uno Chicago Grill have adopted the convenience of neo-traditional design. The goal of these businesses is to evoke a warm, welcoming, nostalgic feeling sort of like Main Street in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, which is lined with neo-traditional buildings.

Neo-traditional home design truly answers the question of whether or not something can be “old” and “new” at the same time. This sort of flexibility is seldom seen in other forms of new construction and the convenience neo-traditional design gives architects looking to deliver the best of both worlds to homebuyers is second-to-none.

But why is incorporating nostalgia into new construction important? Traditional design has humanizing qualities that are appreciated by many. The best traditional designs have endured the test of time and certainly have a place in the new construction of contemporary homes.

The neo-traditional homes by Dan Ryan Builders at Brunswick Crossing are starting in the 300s and have three to four bedrooms, at least two bathrooms, a two-car garage, and more than 2,100 square feet of space.

The Dan Ryan Builders neo-traditional models at Brunswick Crossing are:

The Jefferson II model features front porch options and several types of exterior finishes. The open foyer and large dining room of these models make for a spacious and inviting first floor.

Clemson II models offer two types of exciting second-story layouts. You’ll love the owner’s suite with a walk-in closet and the sizable family room of this model, which has the option of having a fourth bedroom.

Monroe II is a truly unique model. Its open concept first floor includes a family room, kitchen, and breakfast area as well as patio access and a large foyer. A spacious loft adds to its 2,300 square feet and overall appeal.

Wesley II is a must see. This showstopping model features 2,600 square feet of beauty. Equipped with a formal dining room, living room, family room, private study, grand foyer, a loft, and a mud room, Wesley II models have everything you could ever want in a home. That’s not even mentioning the owner’s suite with two generously sized walk-in closets, a soaking tub, and a shower with dual sinks.