6 Secrets to Planning the Perfect Picnic | Brunswick Crossing


With the weather finally staying warm, everyone should make a little time to go outside for their daily dose of Vitamin D. Whether you take up a morning jog or decide to grill outside for dinner, we can all admit that the sunshine has never felt so good. If you’re looking for something outdoorsy to do this weekend, consider packing up a picnic and traveling to your local park for some quality family time. Wondering where to start? Here’s Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s guide to planning the perfect picnic:

How To Pack:

Pack two containers. Use one container for silverware (skip out on the plastic forks and knives to save the environment) and another for cool food and beverages. When packing your Tupperware or baking dishes, pack the nonperishable food at the bottom, then top it with your serving items and your blanket or tablecloth.

Don’t forget to plan the cleanup. You’ve got the food, the blanket, the bug spray, and all of the picnic necessities, but you may have forgotten about one thing: cleaning up. Bring along extra Ziploc bags, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap for leftovers. You can also pack baby wipes to clean off the hands of your guests and the utensils. Plastic bags also make great tiny trash bags.

Get the right ice-to-food ratio. It should be about 25 percent ice and 75 percent food or beverages. Filling the cooler up to the brim will keep the contents colder for a longer period of time. If you need something to fill it up, just pack more ice. Just don’t forget to put it in the shade to prevent the ice from melting.

What to Bring:

Save condiment packets from fast food restaurants to use at your next picnic. However, avoid packing mayonnaise, as it can turn bad in the sun. You can also save the restaurant’s napkins, straws, and sanitary wipes, to save a little money. Don’t forget the salt and pepper if you decide to get grilling!

Choose a hardy bread if you plan on making sandwiches. Something like a baguette will keep the bread-to-meats-and-cheese ratio well balanced. We also suggest skipping out on the potato chips, as they get crushed easily in travel. Instead, bring fruits or nuts, which are better for your body anyway.

When and Where to Go:

Pick the perfect time of day. We all know about lunch picnics where people pack delicious cold cut sandwiches and veggie platters, but how about a breakfast picnic? Pack breakfast wraps or cereal bars to enjoy in the cool morning air. Plus, your picnicking space will most likely be free of other patrons, so you can spend some super quality time with one another. If you’d rather go for a dinner picnic, make sure you bring the portable grill for the hot dogs and cheeseburgers – and a can of bug spray.

Venture to a local park for a nice getaway that's still close to home, just in case you forget anything. If you feel like being adventurous, check out a hiking trail, beach, or lake near home. Don't forget that there's always the backyard picnic option, too!

Picnicking is a great way to spend quality time with the whole family, and summer is the perfect time to get into the picnic spirit. Though planning the perfect picnic isn't easy, it can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Use our nifty tips, like packing two containers, some restaurant extras, and cleanup supplies, and you'll be a picnic pro in no time.