11 Weird Spring-Cleaning Tricks that Actually Work


With the welcome change of season coming to Frederick County, it's time for blooming flowers, chirping birds, warmer weather – and spring-cleaning. That’s right. It’s time to tackle that to-do list that was collecting dust all winter. Whether your projects are small chores or major renovations, completing your tasks doesn't have to be a hassle. In fact, Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing has some tried-and-true spring-cleaning tips just for you:

Use Kool-Aid to clean your toilet bowl. Right off the shelf at Walmart, Kool-Aid makes a great toilet ring remover. Just sprinkle the powder around the bowl, let it sit, brush down the sides and flush. You can also use Alka Seltzer or Coca-Cola. Who knew?

Shine up your silver with toothpaste. Your teeth aren’t the only ones who benefit from a clean brush. Instead of those expensive silver cleaners, apply minty toothpaste to your silver pieces and rub it in with an old rag. You can even use a toothbrush to get into all those tiny cracks and crevices.

Get tough on greasy appliances with baby oil. An old rag and baby oil make for a quick grease scrub without the harsh scents and chemicals. The baby oil will cut away grime while buffing the metal. Your appliances will have a weeklong, eco-friendly shine. 

Use stale white bread to clean marker off the wall. On the off chance that you kept your stale white bread, you’re in luck. If you kids decided to use the wall of your new home as a canvas for their latest masterpiece, moisten up the stale bread and rub it on the mark. Boom, it’s gone.

Shine up your plants with mayonnaise. Admittedly, everything about that sentence sounds weird, but it’s accurate. If you want to shine up your plant’s leaves, rub them with a mayonnaise-dipped tissue. Soon, you’ll be able to see your reflection in the leaves.

Rice, vinegar and water clean vases. Almost everyone knows how hard it is to clean a flower vase. Getting down into the very bottom seems nearly impossible – until now. Mix rice with an equal parts water and vinegar solution. Pour the mixture into a flower vase, cap it off, shake vigorously, and rinse it out. Presto. 

Layer on “miracle cleaner” to clean your old cookie sheets. We’re lucky if we get to clean our new home's oven, much less take the time to scrub every inch of our beloved baking sheets. However, here’s a simple how-to that’ll leave your cookie sheets looking brand new.

Q-tips are perfect for picture frames. Instead of using a bulky paper towel and dusting spray, break out the teeny, tiny Q-tips for the picture-perfect finish to your frames. (Pun intended.) You can also use them to clean cell phone chargers, keyboards, vents and home phones.

Use a lint roller to dust lampshades and leather furniture. This tip makes life so easy. Simply run a lint roller over your lampshades, leather chairs and sofas and pillows. It’ll catch any dust and hair that accumulates unlike feather duster, which move the dust particles into the air.

Clean your blender fuss-free and safe. Instead of lugging it into your new home's dishwasher or dangerously washing it by hand, pour 3 cups of hot water and a few drops of dishwashing soap into the blender, start it up then rinse it out. Works like magic.

Remember: The dishwasher is capable of more than you think. So it washes your silverware and such, but did you know that it also washes plastic children’s toys, shoes, hairbrushes, fake flowers, make-up brushes and sporting equipment? Cool, right? 

So, there you have it. This might be an overachiever’s guide to spring-cleaning your new home, but it sure makes those pesky tasks you keep putting off a little easier. Good luck!