A Family Connection - Ryan Homes & DRB Homes Builders Story

Build your Bliss

As we prepare to begin a new year at Brunswick Crossing and introduce a new home builder, we’re excited to share the familiar connection and regional roots DRB Homes and Ryan Homes bring to our vibrant community.

A Tale of Two Builders

Ryan Homes and DRB Homes are ready to be part of your new home ownership journey in Frederick County. Both builders have along history of providing inspired spaces for homeowners to make their own, especially in Frederick, MD. While these two distinct builders have their own home designs and exceptional teams, their origins are intertwined in the legacy of the Ryan Family.  

Ryan Homes Roots

Ryan Homes, the nation’s 4th largest home builder, started in nearby Pennsylvania. Ed Ryan, a child of the great depression, came home to Pittsburgh from World War II, where he served as an Air Force navigator and was held as a prisoner of war. He pursued his father's path and became a builder- a decision with impeccable timing.

With the influx of soldiers returning home and the G.I Bill making home ownership more achievable than ever, there was a high demand for new construction homes. Ed Ryan started Ryan Homes in 1948 to meet this demand.

According to his brother Bill, Ed’s motto was to “do the most amount of good for the most amount of people, including customers, employees, and shareholders.”  Ed Ryan’s genius approach to home building changed how homes were built and sold for the entire industry.

Today at Brunswick Crossing, we’re excited for Ryan Homes to continue creating great value for home buyers. Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing is more than prepared to help you reach your home ownership goals. Be sure to join their list for grand opening details, information, and opportunities.

DRB Homes, a Frederick County Origin Story

While Ed Ryan was revolutionizing the building industry, his brother Jim Ryan was close to his side. Ed was known to have a strategic mindset but the younger brother, Jim brought the motivation and marketing genius.

Founding Ryland Homes in 1967, now part of Lennar Homes, Jim Ryan was focused on relationships and creating something meaningful for the generations to come.

Jim’s son, Dan Ryan, also got the home builder gene. After working briefly for Ryan Homes, he founded Dan Ryan Builders in 1990, building their first house in Frederick County’s Lake Linganore. Over the years, Dan Ryan Builders grew and rebranded as DRB Homes, which is now ranked as the 21st largest home builder in the nation on the 2023 Builder 100 chart.

DRB Homes continues the tradition of building exceptional spaces for homeowners to live, work, and play. With deep roots in Frederick County, DRB Homes is excited to bring their Cornerstone and Signature Series to life with two new model homes. Be sure to schedule an appointment to set a tour date with their new home specialist.

Build Your Bliss

When every nail, wall panel, fixture, and appliance, both builders at Brunswick Crossing leverage their roots in customer service, quality construction, and a value mindset to make your dream home happen.

Join the Ryan Homes list in anticipation of their model home grand opening.

Be sure to also tour the recently completed DRB Homes models by scheduling your appointment today!

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