How To Build A New Construction Home With Ryan Homes


At Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing, we try to make the home buying and building process as easy as possible. We’ll start with outlining the basics, according to the Ryan Homes website:

  1. Reserve a homesite. You’ll work with your new homes sales consultant to prepare an estimate for your home type (single-family, townhome, villa), homesite, and additional features. This is when you’ll fill out preliminary forms for your loan application and make a “good faith” deposit to secure your chosen homesite.

  2. Personalize your home. One of the biggest benefits of choosing a new construction home is the ability to personalize it with “all new everything”. Spend time with your new homes sales consultant to select features and color palettes that make this house, your home.

  3. Make a purchase agreement. Meet with your sales consultant to authorize your purchase agreement and make your initial deposit. This is the step when we return your “good faith” deposit in exchange for your initial earnest money deposit.

  4. Apply for a mortgage loan. Within a week of signing your purchase agreement, meet with a mortgage loan officer and complete the loan application. For your convenience, Ryan Homes has its own mortgage company, NVR Mortgage, that most homebuyers partner with.

  5. Complete your down payment. Once your purchase agreement is complete, your sales consultant will inform you of the outstanding balance of your deposit and when it’s due. The deposit, representing the balance of your down payment, is the final payment until closing. 

    • Week 13. Your home is complete, and you’ll return before settlement for a thorough review and orientation of all systems and features during your Pre-Settlement Demonstration with your project manager. We review warranty and service instructions and answer all of your questions to ensure you’re comfortable before closing.
    • Construction begins. Once your down payment is complete, your mortgage is approved, and the homesite is ready for building, Ryan Homes begins construction.

      We’ll arrange a meeting between you, the project manager, and your sales consultant to walk you through the construction process. It'll loosely look like the following:
      • Week 1. The homesite is excavated with special attention to grading the land for proper drainage. The footer, a concrete base below the frostline that’s also known as the foundation’s foundation, is laid.
      • Week 2-3. Load-bearing walls of concrete are used to create one of four types of foundation (full basement, knee-wall, crawl space, or slab). At Brunswick Crossing, your home’s foundation is usually a full basement, although some of our villa homes can be slab. The foundation is inspected.
      • Week 4-5. “The floor, wall, and roof framing forms the ‘skeleton’ of your home, using Ryan's state-of-the-art panelized construction that improves efficiency and precision while minimizing waste and the risk of error,” according to Ryan Homes website. “After framing inspection, exterior finishes are applied.”

      • Week 6-7. The heating and cooling system, plumbing, and electrical system are installed. Insulation is added to the attic and walls with an R-value that’s appropriate to your home’s climate.
      • Week 8. Your project manager schedules your “pre-drywall” tour and demonstrates “what’s behind the walls” of your new home. The interior walls and ceilings are finished with drywall, sanded, primed, and painted with a first coat. At this point, check with the loan officer about locking in the final interest rate, if you haven’t already done so.
      • Week 9. Your selected ceramic tile or vinyl flooring is installed. Doors, cabinets, and molding are installed by an expert carpenter.
      • Week 10. Interior surfaces are painted with a second coat after pointing up trim and drywall.
      • Week 11. Plugs, lighting fixtures, faucets, commodes, and appliances are installed and checked by electrical and plumbing experts.
      • Week 12. Carpet and hardwood floors are installed, and your home is thoroughly cleaned of building debris.

        “A thorough appraisal of your home's ‘readiness’ is conducted using a process designed to look at your home from a customer's perspective,” according to their website. “This process ensures that your home is complete and ready to settle prior to your Pre-Settlement Demonstration.”Around this time, your settlement coordinator contacts you to schedule a date and time for closing.

  6. Go to closing and move in. The big day is finally here! You’ll have a demonstration meeting with the project manager, and a date and time for closing is set. At this point, all final payments are due. Once all of the papers are signed, we’ll hand over the keys to your brand-new home.