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When moving into a new home, you’re likely juggling several tasks all at once; and your to-do list can feel miles long. You’re cleaning, repairing, selling, securing, planning, researching, packing, and so on. And you may be doing all this with kids or pets running around.

The transition between homes is something you won’t want to overlook during the bustle of prepping for moving day. When you have a bed to sleep on and a curtain for the shower, you’ll be thanking yourself for planning so well. Whether you’re moving a few towns away or a few states away, make the transition as smooth as possible with these must-haves:

Living Essentials

Don’t find yourself sleeping on the floor on your first night in the new house! These living essentials will ensure that your first few nights or weeks in the house are comfortable enough to sustain you until the movers arrive.

  • Sleep System: This includes an air mattress, sleeping bag, and crib. Unless you move door-to-door, there will likely be a period of time when you won’t have a bed. There are several compact options to keep all members of your family comfortable.
  • Bedding: You may or may not want sheets and blankets for your air mattress, but you’ll at least want a pillow. And you’ll definitely want them when your bed arrives.
  • Bathroom: Don’t forget a shower liner, towels, soap, toilet paper, and all the basic toiletries.
  • Cleaning: Make hygiene a priority with wipes, all-purpose solutions, and rags. Whether you’re buying a brand new home or moving into an existing home, you’ll likely need the basic cleaning supplies to clean up messes.

Kitchen Essentials

Everyone has to eat, of course. While the nearby restaurants can probably sustain you for the duration of your time without the majority of your belongings, snacks and utensils are always a good idea.

  • Disposables: No one wants to do dishes while moving homes. Disposable plates and utensils eliminate the hassle. Bonus points if you use leftover plates and napkins from past parties!
  • Folding Furniture: Somewhere to sit and a table to eat at doesn’t have to be an unreasonable ask during the transition period. Folding tables and chairs are easy to pack and compact enough.
  • Storage: Help keep the cooking to a minimum with storage bags. Whether you cooked in bulk in advance or have leftovers from dinner plastic baggies are a must.
  • Minimal Kitchenware: While disposables are nice, there will be a few basic kitchenware you’ll want to pack as well. Because you never know when inspiration will hit to cook something simple, one pot, pan, cutting board, cookie tray, and knife are always helpful.
  • Cleaning: Hopefully, you won’t have too much cooking to do before the rest of your belongings arrive, but there will likely be a few situations where you’ll want soap and a sponge.

Family Essentials

Moving with children or pets? The last thing you want is for them to have a negative first impression of their new home. Make their transition seamless as well with these necessities.

  • Toys: Keep some of the basic toys, such as crayons, trains, or blocks, with you while the playroom is packed away.
  • Favorites: Moving to a new home can be particularly stressful for kids because they are leaving behind the spaces where they are most comfortable. Packing with all their favorites, such as stuffed animals or blankets, is a good way to maintain even a small feeling of familiarity.
  • Pet Basics: An overnight bag with all the pet essentials is helpful when keeping your pets comfortable too. Put together a bag of treats, food, litter, toys, and trash bags.

Valuable Essentials

Everything we’ve listed above are indeed the essentials for a comfortable first few nights in the new home, but let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. These are the valuable essentials that you won’t want to lose in the packing and moving process.

  • Jewelry: Even if you don’t wear a lot of jewelry, you may have a few expensive or sentimental pieces that you don’t want to be lost or stolen throughout the move. It’s good practice to store them in a lock box and keep them with you during the process.
  • Important Documents: This includes birth certificates, passports, social security cards, medical records, and so on. Organizing them in a binder will help ensure their safety while on the road.
  • Electronics: Of course, we mean chargers, laptops, phones, and any other electronic devices you may own, but also think about your data. Back up any files you have on your laptop to an external hard drive or the cloud. Depending on what you store on your computer, a hard drive “gone bad” during the move can be costly.

Now that we’ve broken down all the have-to-haves when moving, we hope you’ll have a smooth transition into your new home. If you’re ready to design your life, Brunswick Crossing is a master-planned new home community with sweeping views, shops, endless recreation, walking trails, and plenty of space for your pet. Check out our models and amenities that satisfy every family member.


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