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A new home is both exciting and nerve-wracking on all members of the family. Parents have to coordinate the entire process and kids have to adapt to a new home. But, what about your pets? They can be just as anxious about moving as you are.

Whether your pet is furry, feathered, or scaly, they are part of the family. You want to make sure they are comfortable during the moving process too. We’ve compiled some steps you can take before, during and after the move to help them adjust to a new home.

Before the Move:

While searching around for your next home, you’re probably considering a long list of factors based on your family needs. Is the neighborhood safe for families? What schools are in the area? Are there shops nearby? Here’s another question you should ask yourself: Is this new community pet friendly?

Choose the Right Home

It’s no surprise that different pets have different needs. You should take that into consideration when choosing a home. For example, dogs need more square footage—both inside and outside—than other pets. Cats likely need more vertical space to climb.

Also, take a look around the neighborhood. Lookout for neighbors with aggressive or unattended pets. Are there paths to go on walks? Are there other wild animals that could pose a threat to your pets?

Contact Your Vets

If you’re moving to an entirely new area, contacting your veterinarian is essential. This includes both your current vet and your new vet. Your current vet can inform you of any prescription medications or conditions to be aware of. They might even be able to recommend a practitioner in your new community. Also, make sure their chip and collar information is all up to date with the new address and current contact information. 

Prep Your Pet for the Road Trip

Your pet may not be used to riding in a crate or car. Leading up to the move, get them acclimated to their crate by coaxing them inside with treats. Once they seem comfortable with that, try carrying the crate around the house to get them accustomed to the motion. Take them on short car rides as well. Meanwhile, continue to build positive associations with both the car and the crate with plenty of treats!

During the Move:

No matter how many pets you have or what kind they are, the move is going to be challenging. And, there isn’t a formula answer on how to get it done. However, the more prepared you are, the smoother the trip will go.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Most likely, you’re going to pack an overnight bag for yourself and the kids. Don’t leave your pet out of the equation! Put together a bag of treats, food, litter, toys, and trash bags. Keep all the essentials in a bag that can sustain them for the trip and first few days of unpacking.

Keep Them Out of the Action

A lot of activity and change can be especially hard on your pets. To keep the stress levels low, have your pet stay somewhere quiet and familiar. This way they won’t get in the way of the movers nor try to escape. If possible, you can even move the majority of your boxes early and make the final trip to the new house with your pet.

After the Move:

You’re now in your new home, but the work isn’t done yet. You have to unpack while children and furry friends run around the house. There are ways you can manage both while also getting your pet comfortable in the new place.

Pet Proof the House

Similar to child-proofing a house, you’ll want to pet-proof as well. Utilize child-proof latches, block small spaces, hide wires or cables, and keep poisonous plants out of reach. Make sure fences are secure so that there is no chance for a getaway. Also, be on the lookout for pest-control traps that might have been left out.

Settle in Gradually

Simply letting your pet loose in the house can be overwhelming for them. Instead, start them in one room with all their necessities and favorite toys. As they become more comfortable with the new space, slowly introduce them to the rest of the house. Also, the sooner you can pick the normal routine back up, the better. This includes feeding, walking and play times.

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