Beyond the Ordinary: Elevating Your Rec Room at Brunswick Crossing

Lower Level Options at Brunswick Crossing

Welcome to Brunswick Crossing, where every square inch of your home is designed with you in mind. With our two award-winning builders and 11 distinct home designs, the possibilities for customizing your living space are more exciting than ever. Each home offers upgrade options with the flexibility to personalize your home to fit your family and lifestyle best.


Beyond the Ordinary: Lower Level Rec Room Options

Among the many advantages of buying a new home, a brand-new basement (without the creepy basement issues that can be found in an older home) can extend your living space. New and distinctly yours, a lower-level rec room is a blank canvas for personalization. 

Opting for a finished basement / lower-level rec room with Ryan Homes or DRB Homes during your selection process can elevate your home's potential and increase your living space.

Whether you're dreaming of a cozy home theater, a stylish bar area, or more storage space, there are many possibilities for making this flexible space a prominent feature in your home.

Elevating Entertainment: Creating Your Dream Space in Your New Home's Lower Level

Imagine coming home to your private cinema or hosting game nights with friends around a sleek pool table. With the spacious lower levels available in the home designs found at Brunswick Crossing, you can turn your entertainment dreams into reality.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your rec room transformation:

Home Theater Experience

Transform your lower level into a cinematic escape with a state-of-the-art home theater system. From plush seating to surround sound, create a space where you can enjoy movie nights with family and friends without ever leaving the comfort of home. If you dream of a home theater, the Castlerock II by DRB Homes offers up to three finished lower rooms that are perfect for creating your cinematic experience.

Game Room Level Up

Bring the fun home with a dedicated game room featuring a pool table, foosball table, or gaming console setup. Add a bar area to keep refreshments close at hand, creating the perfect atmosphere for hours of laughter and friendly competition.

The Emory II by DRB Homes at Brunswick Crossing is a great plan to consider if you want a game room, as it provides ample space for larger furniture or entertainment pieces. You can schedule a tour of the Emory II Model at Brunswick Crossing.

Stylish Lounge

Design a sophisticated bar area where you can unwind after a long day or entertain guests with flair. Install a wet bar with stylish cabinetry, a wine fridge, and ample seating to create a chic lounge experience right in your home. The Mitchell by Ryan Homes offers an optional wet bar, the first step to bringing your rec room lounge to life. 

Storage Solutions: Maximizing Functionality

In addition to entertainment spaces, the lower level of your home at Brunswick Crossing offers ample opportunities for storage solutions. From seasonal decorations to sporting equipment, make the most of your basement with these clever storage ideas:

Custom Shelving and Cabinetry

Invest in custom shelving and cabinetry to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible. Utilize every inch of space with tailored storage solutions designed to fit your needs, whether it's storing books, board games, or household essentials.

Under-Stair Storage

Maximize space under the stairs with built-in storage compartments or pull-out drawers. This often-overlooked area can be transformed into a functional storage solution for shoes, coats, and other items you want to keep out of sight but within reach.

The Robert Frost by Ryan Homes not only offers spacious and versatile living areas but also keeps the need for ample storage in mind. If you're curious how the Robert Frost blends practical storage solutions with modern design elements, schedule a tour at Brunswick Crossing today. 

Multi-Purpose Rooms

Consider dividing your lower level into multi-purpose rooms serving entertainment spaces and storage areas. For example, combine a home gym with storage racks for exercise equipment or create a crafting corner with built-in cabinets for supplies.

Additional Bedroom Opportunities: Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

At Brunswick Crossing, all eleven home designs offer the flexibility of adding a lower-level full bath. This choice provides an excellent opportunity to add an extra bedroom or a guest room. If you're considering a lower-level bedroom, remember to discuss the availability of egress windows in your plan with your new home specialist.

Whether expecting visitors or needing extra space for family members, consider transforming a portion of your basement into a comfortable and inviting retreat. Here's how you can make the most of this opportunity:

Guest Bedroom Sanctuary

With convertible furniture such as Murphy beds or sofa beds, converting a corner of your lower level into a tranquil guest bedroom is achievable, even if your home design doesn't include a bespoke additional bedroom. With the option to add a complete bath upgrade, guests can enjoy the convenience and privacy of their bathroom, enhancing their overall experience.

Teenage Haven or In-Law Suite

For families with teenagers or elderly relatives, adding a bedroom and full bath in the basement can provide a sense of independence and privacy. Designate the space as a teenage hangout or in-law suite, complete with a bedroom, living area, and bathroom, to accommodate the needs of different family members. Consider incorporating a mini kitchenette or seating area to enhance functionality and comfort.

Home Office with Overnight Accommodations

Combine productivity with hospitality by incorporating a home office that doubles as a guest room when needed. Adding a full bath nearby allows you to create a flexible workspace that seamlessly transitions into a comfortable sleeping area for overnight guests. Equip the space with a versatile desk, ergonomic chair, and cozy sleeper sofa to ensure productivity and relaxation.

Your Rec Room Oasis Awaits

With its versatile home designs and customizable features, Brunswick Crossing offers the perfect canvas for elevating your rec room to new heights. Whether you envision a cozy home theater, a lively game room, or need more storage space, the lower level of your home has endless potential.

At Brunswick Crossing in Frederick County, MD, the opportunity to make every square inch count and create a space that reflects your unique style and needs is more attainable than ever. Welcome to Brunswick Crossing, where extraordinary living awaits.

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