How to Keep Your Kids Active on Snow Days


Kids live for snow days. Upon hearing the weatherperson’s predictions, kids will do everything in their mortal power to help Mother Nature grace our roadways with a foot or two of snow. They’ll turn their pajamas inside out and backward, do the Snow Dance, drop ice cubes in the toilet, shake snow globes and put a spoon under their pillow.

Though our children’s adorable antics to trick the weather might not get the job done, snow days are an inevitable part of winter. Sometimes it’s hard for parents to anticipate when schools will close and then quickly decide what to do with their kids if school isn’t an option. To make it a little easier for you, here’s Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s guide to keeping your kids active on snow days:

Go outside. It’s the oldest trick in the wintery book. Bundle up your kid from head to toe, and send them out to play in the front yard. From sledding and snowboarding to making an igloo and having a snowball fight, there are so many activities to do. (It’s also better than just sitting in front of the TV all day.)

Create some Get Up & Move Dice. This fun activity gets your kids moving without roughhousing. Use two small gift boxes or tape together printer paper in the shape of a die. Write action words, like jump, kick, fly and hop, on one die then write directional words, like forward, backward and sideways, on the other. Roll them for endless playtime possibilities.

Set up Mission Impossible. Everyone’s wanted to imitate those movie scenes when a spy has to slowly get through a hundred red lasers without triggering them – and now you can. Strategically place yarn or painter’s tape between two walls or through a hallway to create a Mission Impossible scene. Your kids will be occupied for hours trying to bend, twist and crawl through the laser maze.

Make art with bubble wrap shoes. Do you have some leftover bubble wrap from all those Christmas packages? Good! Lay out a long layer of paper and gather some paint. When you’re done, have your child sit down then wrap their feet in bubble wrap. Paint the bottom of each wrapped foot, and place your child on the paper. Let them stomp around to create a painting and some giggles.

Play Minute to Win It. This NBC game show challenges partners to 10 games using household products. The pairs must complete each game within 60 seconds to move on, and the difficulty level increases with each win. Find a short list of child-appropriate games here.

Balloons, balloons, balloons. If you happen to have some balloons laying around, you’re in luck. Grab some paper plates and a blown-up balloon for a game of massive Ping-Pong. Have your kid put a blown-up balloon between their legs and create a crazy obstacle course. Closely tie a blown-up balloon to your kid’s ankle and see if they can dance around for a minute without popping it. You can do anything with balloons.

Do a super cool science experiment. Keeping your kid active means keeping their mind healthy, too. Whether you’re making vinegar volcanoes, shining up pennies or planting a garden, science experiments give kids the fun opportunity to explore, create and learn on a day off of school.

Build an indoor fort. Gather all the blankets, pillows and chairs, set up camp near the couches and begin building your epic fortress. Make it tall and roomy so you can watch a movie, play a board game, color or catch up on some reading. Don’t forget to stock up on snacks, too!

When the weather outside gets frightful and cancels school, your kids can still be active while they’re at home. With these activities, your kids will be able to move, build, create, paint and play on their day(s) off.

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