How To Throw A Super Bowl-Themed Housewarming Party


Embrace it! If you haven’t already, mark your calendar for Sunday, February 5, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. for Super Bowl 51.

Set for NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, the game might be too far away for East Coasters to attend. However, it’s a great opportunity to host your first housewarming party on this day! Don’t fumble big on game night, though. To avoid any flags and fouls, check out a few of Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s tips for Super Bowl Sunday:

Swap old, boring coasters for AstroTurf coasters. Step your game up by purchasing a few square feet from your local hardware store or online at Condensation from cold beers and soft drinks doesn’t stand a chance.

Upgrade traditional tailgate fare for slightly healthier (but equally as tasty) recipes. Here are a few to try in your gourmet kitchen:

Here’s a touchdown tip: When deciding which dishes to serve, ask your guests if they have any specific nutritional needs. If so, try to incorporate a snack or meal for everyone’s diet, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and lactose-intolerant options.

Stock up on Super Bowl beer. Beer is a universal language at these community events. If you’re a Maryland-team football fan, go with The Raven Special Lager by The RavenBeer for the Baltimore Ravens and Mojave Red Beer from Indian Wells Brewing Company for the Washington Redskins. Otherwise, check out this list of StocSuper Bowl Beers.

Whether you’re playing a drinking game (which we suggest doing responsibly) or you want to count how many beers you’ve had before calling an Uber, buy the Beer Tracker Bottle Opener from Bar Products.

Check the electronics. The worst thing that could happen at your football party would be a television, speaker, or satellite malfunction. Give a quick maintenance check-up to your new home’s electronics before game day, so everyone (including you) can sit back and relax — at least until someone’s team starts losing.

Also, don’t put the snacks in front of the television. The only bobbing and weaving your guests should see is from the players.

Cover your table with a paper field runner from Hester and Cook. Bonus: It can be used as gift wrap for your favorite football fan.  

Make sure that you have extra garbage bags, napkins, paper towels, plates, ice, and silverware, too -- just in case.

Accommodate Halftime Show fans. Not all of your guests will be diehard football fans. Some are there for the great food, some for the pleasant company, and others for the Halftime Show and commercials. To keep the last group happy, set up a smaller gathering in your gourmet kitchen using a live-streaming iPad or laptop. This way, guests can still be in the know, but it's not so in-your-face.

Give out fun props. Everyone loves party takeaways, but to save on purchasing gift bags for each guest, give away fun props. This can include eye black stickers, referee whistles, customized water bottles, or Super Bowl rings (also known as Ring Pops).

To score a touchdown with your friends and family this year, follow these simple tips for food, decorations, and vibe. Before you know it, your housewarming party will be the talk of the field. If you want more fun information about decorating your new home with Pinterest, community events, and home buying tricks, subscribe to our weekly blog below:

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