10 Of The Best Downsizing Tips You'll Ever Hear


With the help of HGTV, Style At Home, The Spruce, and Apartment Therapy, Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing is giving you the top ten tips on how to downsize to a new home:

  • Plan ahead. Don’t wait to make decisions about which moving company to use, where to move, or how much “stuff” you’re going to donate. It’s important to plan in order to eliminate conflict and hurt feelings, especially with family and friends.
  • Determine your lifestyle needs. Do you want to join a tight-knit HOA community? Do you want to move to an area with plenty of outdoor amenities? Do you want to be available to your kids for babysitting?

  • Keep away clutter. Dive into new technology that gets rid of excess cables. Mount your television to a wall to eliminate the need for a stand. Use smart storage solutions to minimize clutter.
  • Think about what you’d replace if you lost everything. This little piece of advice stems from Lifehacker. Learn how to create three basic lists in order to take inventory here.

  • Purge regularly. A great habit to get into is to set aside a box in each room. This box should contain all of your items, and at the end of the month (or your specified time period), you should purge the items you didn’t use. This is helpful for kitchen and bath utensils, extra shoes, and books.

  • Go through every paper, starting three months in advance. Over time, you accumulate water and energy bills, your kids’ report cards and art projects, health documents, newspaper and magazine clippings, old coupons, special occasion cards, and so much more.

    Paper is a huge clutterer in your home (and a culprit in recent environmental havoc). Go through each paper, and recycle duplicates or older versions. Weed out which sentimental documents you want to keep, which you can send to your kids, and which to recycle.
  • Consolidate photos. Boxes and boxes of printed photos aren’t effective for moving or storing. You also don’t get to relive those memories if they’re stuck in a box. Instead, scan printed photos onto your computer or laptop for digital versions that create less waste.

    You can also consolidate printed photos into an album or scrapbook or purchase hanging frames, if you’re more inclined to keep the original versions.
  • Use a color-coding system to pack. This is a useful tip for first-time homebuyers, too. Choose a color for each room, and mark the box destined for each room with the coordinating color. It makes moving so much easier.

  • Obtain a blueprint or floor plan of your new home. This will help you assess which furniture and other belongings will fit in your new space. Knowing what will and won’t fit makes the decision to donate a lot simpler.

  • Be kind to yourself. This transition isn’t easy. You’re moving from a home that you built with your children to a new home where you’re a little more unfamiliar. You may even be alone on this new journey, so it’s OK to be emotionally overwhelmed. It’s important to always remember the following:
    1. Surround yourself with patient and understanding people, especially during the packing process.

    2. Your goal isn’t to get rid of everything sentimental. It’s to simplify your life.

    3. If you’re emotionally exhausted, take a break.

    4. You can put certain items into storage until you’re ready to make a decision about donating, selling, or keeping.

For planning and purging to organized and understanding your psyche during this transition, these tips should prepare you to move into your new home (almost) seamlessly.