3 Unique Ways To Utilize Loft Space


Lofts made their way into American architecture in the early 20th century, and have continued to evolve from what was once just a simple storage space to a now functional add-on room. If you have a loft or are planning to purchase a home with a loft, you may be left questioning how you can use that space in a purposeful way. Dan Ryan at Brunswick Crossing has three unique loft ideas for your home:  

Indoor Garden

Many people don’t need added functional space in their home, have plenty of room elsewhere for storage, and are left wondering what else they could do with their loft area. What if we told you that you could convert that space into an indoor garden? Most lofts are perfect for growing plants because they have great natural lighting. No matter how great or poor the natural light in your loft is, you should purchase an energy-efficient garden under grow lights system to provide the best growing conditions for your plants. Arrange some comfortable furniture around your new indoor garden and you now have a relaxing space where you can read a book, do crafts, work, or just unwind. 

Wondering what you could plant in your new indoor garden? There are several plants that grow well indoors and also provide added benefits to your home. Grow a pothos ivy to naturally strip toxins and purify the air, an aloe plant for its medicinal properties, or a venus fly trap to kill insects. Make sure to research the toxicity of plants before purchasing them, because some plants may be toxic if ingested by a child or animal.

Looking to grow some plants that you can eat? Here is a list of the best fruits and veggies to grow indoors:

  • Herbs and spices
  • Avocados
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Tomatoes
  • Strawberries
  • Radishes
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Mushrooms

Does this sound like the perfect way to utilize your loft area? Make sure to research the topic in-depth so that you are prepared for all that comes with an indoor garden. If you want to reap the benefits of a garden without the maintenance or upkeep required, you can always create an indoor garden with artificial plants. No matter how you choose to do it, converting your loft into a garden takes time, dedication, and investment, but when done right, it is worth all the effort.

Office Loft

Your loft area could be the perfect place to put a library and office retreat. The transformation is as simple as installing shelving for your books and placing office furniture throughout the loft. Having an office loft dedicated as your thinking space can provide the perfect getaway where you can decompress and focus on your work. 

When considering how you are going to design your office loft, consider getting inspiration from websites like Pinterest. Create a long-lasting enjoyable experience by designing a space that fosters productivity and creativity. One of the best, yet most subtle ways to achieve this effect is by giving serious consideration as to what colors you are going to use. The color of the paint, as well as the decor in the loft area, will have a significant influence on the room’s psychological impact. By making the space authentically yours and using color psychology, you can create an office that is tailored for your success. 

Are you running a small business out of your work loft? You may be able to qualify for a home office deduction on your taxes. While the deduction can vary from state to state, it is common practice for most states to give a deduction for square footage, up to a defined limit. Adding a home office not only gives you a space to work, but it may also be an added benefit come tax season.  

Entertainment Room

Have you always wanted an entertainment room in your home where your family and guests can come to enjoy themselves and relax? Your loft area may offer all that you need to bring your dream room to life. Here are a few options for a creative loft build that you can use as inspiration:

Game Room & Wet Bar

Bring a sophisticated ambiance to your loft area by adding a wet bar and games like pool, darts, and poker. Add a couch, a television, and install surround sound to create the perfect loft space where you can escape by yourself or with friends and family to watch television, play games and have fun. A game room with a wet bar is an addition that you can enjoy anytime but is perfect when hosting parties or get-togethers. For more inspiration, check out some of the best home game room ideas

Cinema Room

Install a projector with surround sound, comfortable couches, a snack bar, and movie theater decor to create a cinema room in your loft. Hook up a popular streaming service like Netflix or Disney+ and you will have enough movies and television to last a lifetime. While this is certainly a room that you can enjoy, your children or grandchildren will create wonderful memories in the cinema room for many years to come. 


Do you have children or grandchildren whose never-ending army of toys have taken over your home? Dedicate the loft area as a playroom where their toys can be stored and played with. Not only will the kids love having a dedicated hangout where they can keep all of their toys, but so will you. 

No matter what loft ideas you decide to utilize in your home, the options are full of unlimited potential. Dan Ryan’s neo-traditional models at Brunswick Crossing offer loft space where you can bring these ideas to life. View all that our models offer by clicking the button below:

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