34 New Traditions To Try After Downsizing


Hollywood has tackled Empty Nest Syndrome through the comedic antics of Matthew McConaughey in Failure to Launch and Steve Martin in Father of the Bride, but what about when your kids move out in real life? 

The kids are on their own. You’ve downsized to a perfect new home, and you have more time on your hands. With this big transition, it’s time to start a few new traditions. Luckily, Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing has a few ideas for you on how to start fresh in your new home:

Do date night every week. Brunswick Crossing is close to the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C., and the quaint charm of Downtown Frederick, which means you have a lot of options. Choose a weekend of museum hopping, or take a quiet evening stroll along the creek. Sign up for a ballroom dancing class, or paint some pottery in Shab Row. With two great date night destinations, you and your significant other will never be bored.

Pick up an everyday hobby. Before, weekdays consisted of rushing the kids to school, heading to work for 8 hours, and then racing to sports practice or music lessons while grabbing a fast food dinner.

Now that your kids are on making their way in the world, it’s time to dedicate that free time to yourself. Whether you choose to try something new or pick up an activity of the past, there are endless opportunities. Take a peek at some of the most popular hobbies for downsizers:

  • Boating

  • Cooking

  • Golf

  • Fishing

  • Antiquing

  • Crafting

  • Digital photography

  • Model building

  • Gardening

  • Knitting

  • Genealogy

  • Swimming

  • Car or motorcycle restoration

  • Yoga and Pilates

  • Travel

  • Dance

  • Reading

Join a local club. Volunteerism is a huge new tradition for those who have the time to regularly give back to their community. Joining the local Rotary Club or another non-profit, so you’ll have something to look forward to each week, and you’ll feel good about your service.

Reconnect with old friends. Spending quality time with family is amazing, but when everyone’s moved out, it’s not a bad idea to reconnect with old friends. Schedule a girl’s night, visit an old high school friend, or go on a double date with your neighbor. Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to nix idle time and redevelop important relationships.

Work on put-off projects. Every “empty nester” knows exactly what we’re talking about. Don’t you have a few little projects that you’ve pushed off for what you thought was a free weekend?

With more free time, you can really buckle down and get started! You have a lot of time and creativity to spare, so fill in those picture frames. Paint the old kitchen chairs. Revive the outdoor garden. Buy new pots and pans. Checking off chores on your to-do list has never felt so good.

Get a pet. Furry friends do make great company. Consider getting a pet to refocus your daily love and nurturing, or volunteer at the local animal shelter as a dog walker or kitten cuddle partner. (We hope that’s a real job.)

Remember: Downsizing is not a symbol of an empty home. It simply means that you need less space (which means less cleaning, if we’re honest). It also means you have more time to start new traditions like scheduling date night, tackling long-lost projects, and reconnecting with old friends – and you’ll probably receive a call from your college kid once in awhile. Look at the nest half full, not empty.