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Spring cleaning

Spring is the time of year where we come out of hibernation to welcome warm weather, sunny skies and blooming flowers. As we take a look around the house that we’ve been bundled up in for the past few months, we begin to realize the ways we can improve the space and may even find ourselves compulsively sweeping or organizing.

The new season is the perfect opportunity to tidy up around the house. However, many avoid spring cleaning because they don’t know where to begin and they feel overwhelmed by how large the task is. There are plenty of cleaning tips and tricks out there that can help you tackle this seasonal undertaking. Here’s some advice that we find particularly useful when it comes to spring cleaning:

Take it room by room

So, you’ve decided your house needs a nice, thorough cleaning, but you may have been putting it off because it’s no small task. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Instead, use a methodical approach to cleaning. Take it room by room. And, here’s a pro tip: Start with the room you’re the least enthusiastic about and work your way to the easiest room. 

Create a schedule

No one said you have to do all your spring cleaning in one day. After all, spring is an entire season that spans three months. Instead of squeezing all your cleaning into one day, we recommend spreading it out across a month. Craft a schedule for yourself that indicates which room(s) you’ll tackle on which days.

Pro tip: For each room, create a list of tasks that you need to accomplish (e.g., take inventory of clothing in the bedroom or clean out the medicine cabinet in the bathroom). There are plenty of excellent and extensive cleaning checklists online so that you don’t miss a beat. After all, nothing is as satisfying as checking off each task as it is completed and crossing off the room in your schedule.

Clean from top to bottom

When we first step into a room armed with our cleaning supplies, we might feel compelled to tidy up around the space as we see fit. However, a methodical approach to this will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your efforts. Start by cleaning top to bottom. Imagine tackling the kitchen. You start by vacuuming the floor. Then, as you wipe down the counters, you accidentally knock crumbs onto the floor. Now, you have to vacuum again.

Pro tip: In addition to cleaning top to bottom, clean from left to right. Or right to left. Whichever you pick, just be consistent in every room. If you take your time working across a room rather than on whatever grabs your attention, you’ll be more thorough with your cleaning.

Declutter along the way

It’s no surprise that we collect a lot of stuff throughout the year. However, it can really pile up by the time spring rolls around. During your quest to tidy and organize the various rooms in your house, take a critical look at everything and ask yourself: “Do I really need that?” If the answer is no, set up a donation box and toss it in.

Being picky can be difficult, though. That’s where you should phone a friend. A friend won’t have the same emotional attachment to various items within your possession. They can ask all the right questions to draw the best conclusion. A friend also brings a fresh perspective that can help you identify the areas in your home that need cleaning and decluttering.

Choose cleaning products wisely

Spring cleaning is all about a fresh start as we head into warmer, sunnier days. Don’t let that fresh start include harsh chemicals or toxins. Ingredients matter, so know what to look out for when purchasing cleaning products. Avoid antibacterials and disinfectants, which can introduce antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Chlorine bleach is very strong and irritating—not to mention putting surfaces at risk of bleach spots. Avoid products with phosphates, which can be harmful to aquatic life. Instead, use safer (and less expensive) products such as baking soda, lemon juice and white vinegar.

Don’t forget about the air you breathe

While you’re busy cleaning and organizing the various rooms in your house, don’t forget about something that’s very important for our health, but goes entirely unseen. That’s the air we breathe. During the winter, you likely had your windows shut tight to keep the cold out. That means the air you’ve been breathing has been recirculating throughout the hibernating season.

There are steps you can take to refresh the air in your home. Start with cleaning or replacing your air filter on your HVAC system by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean out your ducts and seal them off. Open the windows and turn on the fans to get the fresh air circulating. And finally, turn on your HVAC unit before you really need it. This gives you a chance to check for issues that can make you suffer during the summer when you really need the air conditioner.

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