6 Practical Reasons Why New Homes Are Better


When it comes to the age-old argument of buying a new versus older home, both sides of the story are worth listening to. With older models, homeowners usually get history, traditional features, matured landscaping, and a shorter wait time before moving in. However, buying a newly constructed has more advantages than most people would think. Here are a few of Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s reasons to buy new: 

  1. Amenities. When buying a new home, you are buying a lifestyle. At Brunswick Crossing, homeowners can stay fit with access to our new community pool; pool house and locker rooms; fitness center; yoga room; parks, tot lots, and playgrounds; tennis and basketball courts; and more than 26 miles of paved trails and walkways. Our residents can also get social with events by our Lifestyle Committee and homeowners association at our community center and outdoor entertainment spaces. These handy amenities are just the tip of the iceberg when you buy a new home in Brunswick Crossing.

  2. Energy efficiency. Our new home models are built with energy-saving methods and come with top-notch, “green” appliances from ENERGY STAR®, like low-flow faucets, programmable thermostats, and low-solvent paint, when built with Ryan Homes BuiltSmart technology. The program is a whole-house commitment to reducing your homes environmental impact. It also provides the highest levels of performance and energy efficiency while saving homeowners money on energy and water bills. Read more about BuiltSmart’s four areas of expertise here.

  3. Maintenance. It is no secret that an older home might require more maintenance than a new home. In a new home, everything from the front door to the roof is fresh, which means homeowners can budget less for monthly maintenance costs for the first few years. (New homes also typically come with warranties that begin as soon as you move in – just in case anything does go awry.) Now, you can put that money toward do-it-yourself projects or new outdoor additions.

  4. Personalization. Many new homes come with upfront options for upgrades like a sunroom or finished basement, which could cost you a prettier penny in established homes. You will also have the opportunity to be the first to freshly decorate your domicile with new paint, family pictures, and other personal touches.

  5. Price. On average, new homes typically cost more than resold homes, but this isn’t without reason. Homebuyers get more bang for their buck for new homes as they typically offer more square footage than older homes. Its location also plays a big part because a more expensive new home could be closer to desirable restaurants, nightlife, schools, public transportation, or other redeeming qualities, which offset the price. Some newer communities even offer closing cost assistance and referral bonuses for homebuyers.

  6. Timing. The average time it takes to complete new home construction is between 5 and 6 months for single-family homes in Maryland. This period of time gives you the perfect window to begin your move-in countdown. Start with the paperwork, tackle the plans, and finalize important dates and documents while your new home is in progress.  

According to a Trulia survey, almost 60 percent of all respondents said people prefer new homes because they desire “modern features.” Other reasons include ability for customization, a lower budget for maintenance and repairs, approval by modern construction standards, first-time homeownership, and livability of a newly developed neighborhood. 

As you consider buying new or old, take into account the neighborhood, affordability, proximity to work and leisure, and amenities. A lot of your decision will depend on the residential real estate market and location, but if you think that you are ready to buy new, take our 5-question quiz.

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