7 Ways to Make the Most of Natural Light in Your Home Office This Summer


The private home office on the second floor of the villa Westminster model by K. Hovnanian Homes at Brunswick Crossing is the perfect place to get work done. It’s a feature of these new construction homes that truly stands out to business professionals and those who occasionally work remotely.

To create the most ideal atmosphere in your villa home office, you’ll want to pay attention to the lighting, especially the natural lighting. In fact, according to Forbes, “there is evidence that the lack of natural sunlight (in offices) has an adverse effect on the body and the mind, and can result in conditions such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).”

Poor lighting in your workspace can lead to decreased energy, poor morale, strained eyes, and headaches. All of this can adversely affect your workflow and make it difficult to complete tasks while working from home.

Increasing natural light in your home office can certainly have positive effects on your physical and mental health. It can also help cut back on energy costs by eliminating some of the need for artificial light.

To make the most of the natural light in your home office this summer, follow these helpful tips:

1. Location, location, location

The first and most basic way to improve natural light in your home office is to consider where the light is coming from. Identify the windows or skylights the natural light from outside is coming through and position the elements of your office accordingly. For instance, you won’t want to have your computer set up on your desk with the main light source directly behind you. This will surely create an annoying glare on your monitor. Instead, make sure the source of your natural light is either in front of or next to your work surface.

Likewise, account for any shadows that are usually cast by the natural light that enters your office. Furniture, lamps, bookshelves, and other office items can create shadows and you won’t want to spend the majority of your day working in their darkness. Positioning your workspace north and south is a good way to avoid these shadows throughout the day.

2. Solar shades

Installing solar shades can be a great way to control the amount of natural light that enters your office without fully blocking out the sun. These type of roller shades are popular in new construction and are designed using fabric that reduces sun glare and infrared heat gain while still maintaining a view of the outside. There are also simpler blinds and shades that can be installed that are designed for diffusing natural light throughout a room.

3. Mirrors

Using mirrors as decorative pieces in your home office is another great way to increase natural light. Mirrors reflect light so by hanging more mirrors in your home office you’re creating more surfaces for the light to bounce off of from wall to wall. Hanging mirrors opposite of windows is the best approach. You can also buy office furniture with glass panels or mirrored accents to add to this tactic.

4. Light paint colors

Introducing lighter paint colors to your home office can also greatly affect natural light. Light colors reflect light better than dark ones, so in the same vein as the use of mirrors, painting an office with light colors and using light colors like gray, cream, or blue in the overall decor will help improve the presence of natural light.

5. Light-friendly floors

Flooring in your villa home office can also be made more light reflective. Wooden, ceramic, or stone floors with a polished finish reflect much more light than carpets do. If you must stick with a carpet, try choosing one that is a light, neutral color.

6. Maintain outside greenery

Not all of the changes to improve natural light in your office have to be done inside the office. Take into account the greenery like trees and bushes that are outside the windows of your office. If a tree just outside your office window is overgrown, simply trimming or pruning the tree could open up passageways for much more natural light to shine through.

7. Clean windows

While you’re outside, why not check to make sure your office windows are clean. Dirty windows can prevent light from entering the office at full efficiency. Giving your windows a simple cleaning will allow much more light to come through.

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